A Successful Not for Profit Annual Report in 6 Steps

A Successful Not for Profit Annual Report in 6 Steps

Nicole Shelley

25 July 2023

Your not for profit annual report is a cost-effective way to stretch your marketing message a little further. In turn, making that all important budget stretch even further too.

We know how many people experience the dread that comes with having to pull together their organisation’s end of financial year wrap up. Aside from this though, producing your not-for-profit’s annual report is an opportunity for those willing to think outside the box, or the financial pages in this case. You want the best annual report design, right?

The pepperit team is made up of some interesting characters (that’s for a later article). But what clients benefit from when working with this team is the collective mash-up of experience of industries, roles, and clients we’ve had the pleasure of working in and with.

Not for profit annual report steps to success

This includes our fair share of not for profits and producing annual reports. So, with that in mind, I’m delighted to share our thoughts on how to make your not for profit annual report a winner in the eyes of all your stakeholders.

1. Know your audience

Consider this a great marketing opportunity. In this way, also consider who your audience and stakeholders are. Your stakeholders in the production of an annual report are many. For instance, the executive team, board members, the finance department, your auditors and any other contacts, internally or externally, who assist with the provision of content for, or the design and production of, the end report.

2. Timing is everything

Take the time to understand your timing requirements, working back from when the report needs to be in your stakeholders’ hot little hands. Discuss how many people are involved in the content creation, auditing and review processes. This all determines how long you’ll need to pull all these facets together (allowing some extra days for good measure).

3. Collect all the necessary bits

Your annual report will have to include certain elements. A message from your board and/or your executive. Some main highlights of the year. Your financials. An auditor’s note. Simple in concept, much more difficult in implementation. This involves many different people and departments to contribute. Do yourself a favour and start working on the content as soon as you can. Your future self will thank you.

4. Time to pop your marketing hat on

This is the part of your annual report we get most excited about. This is your opportunity to really sell your marketing efforts across the past year. Firstly, this gives your activity a spotlight among stakeholders that you ordinarily lack the opportunity to share. Secondly, it’s a great platform to gain funding, or buy-in, or just general interest in what you have planned for the upcoming year. Lastly, what a fabulous opportunity to secure additional support and sponsorship. This can act as your next prospectus, with a little forethought and finessing.

5. Annual report cover design is only the start, but important

This document is to sit on the coffee table at reception all year. Or, it may find its way amongst someone’s desk papers. And it will likely be mailed out to current stakeholders and potential sponsors throughout the year. However, it strikes someone’s attention, it needs to be attention-grabbing in the right way. Your annual report cover design comes down to appointing a designer who can understand your audience and produce something eye-catching and professional.

6. Let the people read it!

Once the information is collated and worked into a design, you’ll have to direct the production team how to get this wonderful creation into the right hands. Will you print and mail it? Will you make it digital only? Is there some happy medium in there somewhere instead? Work with your agency to rustle up the most appropriate suppliers based on your timing, quality and budget needs.

What a fabulous opportunity to secure additional support and sponsorship. This can act as your next prospectus, with a little forethought and finessing.

Your annual report design agency

Looking for an agency that will manage the end-to-end process of your not for profit annual report design? Look no further than pepperit. At least just click through to read a little more on what we do and packages and prices for annual report design and production.

This is pepper’s approach to producing not for profit annual reports. You can be sure that with a prepared timeline, we stick to the task and will report back at every stage. Even follow you up, if necessary!

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