Aldi Social Media Mistake – One Size Does Not Fit All

I became an ALDI lover when I tasted _____ for the first time

One size does not fit all with a twitter blunder and Facebook success!

Aldi social media mistake

An Aldi social media mistake left them red faced on twitter late last month, tweeting “Fill in the blank!” #tellus #feedback #ALDI, with a picture and the text “I became an ALDI lover when I tasted _____ for the first time” While they were simply asking their customers to provide feedback on the products they enjoy, the blunder and now deleted tweet, received overwhelming less desirable responses. The responses ranging from adult only comments, horse meat, special bargains from China and the list goes on.

This high risk social media campaign was riddled with flaws right from the outset and clearly backfired on their twitter platform. However, the responses and feedback on their highly popular Facebook pagehave been more positive. The post still remains on their Aldi Australia Facebook page and has received over 500 comments. We have no way on knowing how many negative comments have been deleted and we suspect that given the negative responses received on Twitter, Aldi are monitoring the comments on their Facebook page very closely.

How not to repeat the Aldi social media mistake

Our advice is the think carefully before posting on your social media platforms and carefully consider which platform will give you the desired outcome. If your approach to social media is a one size fits all for all your platforms, I’m afraid the likelihood of a red face moment may be closer than you think.

Before posting on any channel, think about the audience, the objective of the post but most importantly how will this post be perceived by your audience. Social media is a great way to engage with your audience in a light hearted manner, but I’m sure you will all agree – it should never be at the expense of your brand or reputation.

Don’t repeat the Aldi social media mistake – one size, does not fit all.

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