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  • Instagram hashtag strategy

    Instagram Hashtag Strategy

    Having a solid Instagram Hashtag strategy is a great way to get more ‘likes’ and engagement on your Instagram post. Which will lead to more exposure and followers. However it is important to ensure that your Instagram hashtags do not distract from the imagery nor the copy of your post. Best Practice is to place…

  • Australasian Lawyer

    Australasian Lawyer – Law Awards 2018: Celebrating your success with effective digital marketing strategies

    In this article for Australasian Lawyer Nicole shared some of her insight on how to best capitalise your hard-earned awards / nomination in order to reach key audiences and maximising your achievement and profile.

  • Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

    ALPMA – A Survival Guide for Legal Practice Managers

    There is still some hesitation within the Australasian legal industry to embrace digital marketing. Nicole Shelley wrote for ALPMA on how Practice and Legal Support Managers can champion their firms digital marketing activities.

  • Lawyers Weekly – Women in Law 2017

    To help prepare the nation’s leading women in the legal industry for their night of nights, the Lawyer’s Weekly Women in Law Awards 2017, our Operations Manager, Nicole Shelley, was asked to share insights into leveraging their nominations across digital media channels. ——– The awards are not only a celebration of the industry’s best and…

  • social media management tools

    Social Media Management Tools

    Social media management is a key part of making a splash with your brand – online & off. At first, managing different branded accounts for your business across the various social media platforms and keeping track of every like, share and comment can be daunting. As time goes, well it still takes a fair bit…

  • Lawyers weekly Article

    Lawyers Weekly, Australian Law Awards 2017

    Lawyer’s Weekly enlisted the expertise of our Operations Manager, Nicole Shelley, to share insights into how legal professionals could make the most of the event by leveraging social media.


    Social Media for Lawyers – 7 Tips for Success

    “Social media for lawyers wouldn’t work – my clients aren’t looking there!” It’s an all too familiar argument in law firms around the country when asked to invest in a social media strategy. While 5 years ago it may have had some merit, times have changed. As of June this year, 17 million Australians are…

  • Sharing Best Practice on LinkedIn

    Sharing Best Practice on LinkedIn: A Guide for Businesses

    Ensuring you’re utilising sharing best practice on LinkedIn can be the difference between having 5 followers and 500. Think back to that classic philosophical question – if a tree falls in a forest and there’s no one there to hear it does it make it a sound? In this case the answer is, does it…

  • Social Media for Lawyers Q&A

    Social Media for Lawyers: Q&A Session

    At a recent Pepper IT Q&A session we spoke to Nickie, a local Sydney solicitor, about social media for lawyers. Specifically, we wanted to know what the biggest challenges were in the adoption and execution of a sound social media strategy for their law firm. You can find the transcript below. —– Pepper IT: How…

  • Social Media For Lawyers

    Social Media Management for Lawyers

    Today, we want to discuss social media management for lawyers. Australia has arguably one of the world’s most robust judiciaries and with 60,000 practicing solicitors competing for business, improving exposure is essential to building your client base. Despite its efficacy in this regard, social media strategy has simply not been a high priority for lawyers,…