Bluestone OCM

Social Media Management, Website Development and data and systems management.

The client

An award winning independent Melbourne based Owners Corporation Manager.

The challenge

In the highly competitive strata management industry, Bluestone OCM turned to Pepper IT to guide them through their launch into digital marketing. Having not completed any type of digital marketing previously, besides a very basic website, we advised the client on an all-inclusive social enterprise marketing strategy.

The outcome

With no social media presence but understanding that a very high proportion of their clients and potential clients are active social media users. Our broad social media strategy is to promote Bluestone OCM as the industry leader in their field and position them as the prime destination for all points Melbourne strata related. In a heavy compliance and rule based industry, we ensure our content is factual, community based and interesting.

Working within the existing theme of the website, we optimised the site improving the poor speed times, added blogging functionality and copywriting and installed tools to assist with SEO execution. To further build on their SEO strategy at a later point in time we designed and wrote a landing page which can be used as a template for further preferred keywords.