B&T Media – The One Way Glenn McGrath Can Save

Our Managing Director and Social Media Expert, Ryan Shelley spoke with B&T Media after images surfaced of the Australian Cricketer and Founder of the McGrath Foundation posing alongside game while hunting in African. The captured images caused outrage across many social media platforms but Twitter was the first platform to break the story.


Social media expert Ryan Shelley said traditional media was the first to break the story but the backlash had been via social media. 

“Social Media is a two way conversation, so Glenn needs to very clearly respond in a systematic, professional and timely manner. He needs to acknowledge his mistake and sincerely apologise for it. Next he needs to explain what he will do to right his wrongs and redeem himself. Lastly, he needs to show the proof of his redeeming actions,” he said.



You can read the full article on the BandT.com.au website.

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