weak wireless wi-fi signal strength 1Clients and associates often experience issues with weak wireless wi-fi signal strength throughout their offices and homes.

“But I don’t live in a mansion! My router’s only 5 metres away from my lounge room” is a common complaint. This helpful animation shows how Wi-Fi signals flow through an apartment or house much like water. The signal has a difficult time in penetrating walls, instead it flows down the hallway and into other rooms. By the time it flows from your kitchen bench, down the hall and into the study; the signal has lost most of it’s strength.

Some hints on maximising your wireless strength:

How else to deal with a weak wireless Wi-Fi signal strength?

So that’s a bit complicated? There are some other “off the shelf” options such as “wireless extenders” which may help in a pinch, but I’d personally save your money. A better budget option would be Ethernet over Power which can work straight out of the box or may require some frustrating configuration. This will often solve weak wireless wi-fi signal strength

If all else fails, give us a call!