SBS News – Child Toy Reviewer Becomes YouTube’s Highest Earning Star

Our Managing Director and resident social media expert, Ryan Shelley, was interviewed by SBS News to discuss how the viral social media trend of “unboxing” has transformed child toy reviewer, Ryan’s Toy Review, into a multi-millionaire.


4 December 2018, saw the release of Forbes annual list of YouTube’s highest earners. Topping the list at just 7 years of age was child toy reviewer, Ryan’s Toy Review with $29.8 million. Boasting 26 billion views, Ryan’s Toy Review reflects the sheer popularity of YouTube, a social media platform which Ryan describes as exponentially increasing.


“Google owns YouTube so it makes sure it appears as a priority in search results. On top of this, YouTube content is produced rapidly. Every minute, 10 minutes of video content is uploaded to YouTube”.


Specifically talking of child toy reviewer Ryan Toysreview, Ryan Shelley discussed the impact of the social sensation of “unboxing”. A unique trend focused on the act of unwrapping products, Ryan Shelley explained,


“[Unboxing] is immensely popular for kids and technical enthusiasts. Whether it’s opening games or iPhones, it provides an organic and first-hand look at often highly-anticipated products”.


Watch the full interview on SBS News Website.

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