Dell XPS 13 – Active Window Becomes Inactive

Dell XPS 13 – Active Window Becomes Inactive

Ryan Shelley

8 July 2013

We stumbled across an interesting and very annoying little issue today with an otherwise fantastic Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. The Dell XPS 13 Active Window Becomes Inactive.

The active window, whether that be a Word document, browser window or an email you were composing; would become inactive. That is, you could no longer type in it. This made editing documents or adding text to webpages near impossible without moving the mouse and clicking in the window to reactivate it.

Seeing as most people are too busy to be messing around with clicking far too many times more than we already do a day, we’ve researched the fix to make your life a little easier.

The solution seems to be to update Dell’s Quickset program. This program helps to manage power usage when you are switching between AC power and battery. The latest version for the Dell XPS 13 can be downloaded from here.

And voila. The Dell XPS 13 Active Window Becomes Inactive no more!

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