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Pepper’s digital marketing course

Do you and your team need a shot in the arm when it comes to your digital marketing? Our digital marketing course is the way to reinvigorate stale strategies and to launch campaigns that will deliver measurable results.

We’ll disclose the strategies and tactics that we use daily in planning and running our campaigns and our clients’ campaigns. You’ll see there’s no secrets, no hacks, just honest hard work and a bit of clever thinking.

But we’re already killin’ it online

Perhaps you’re an Instagram star, but you need to diversify your marketing mix. With our digital marketing course we’ll show you how to take all those eggs out of the Instagram basket and spread them across eDM’s, SEO and other social channels.

Paid advertising is a trap for beginners. We’ll show you how to spend your advertising budget wisely. More importantly, we’ll show you how to measure and report on success.

Digital marketing course outcomes

In our digital marketing course, every participant has that breakthrough “A-Ha!” moment, when all the pieces fall into place. We must warn you though, you’ll never look at digital content the same way again. You’ll immediately be able to see how every piece of content, every web page, every social post, every re-targeted ad forms part of a digital campaign.

When you work with Pepper, we become a part of your business and your team. Our fulfillment comes from seeing your business being able to successfully plan and execute your digital marketing.

Got questions? Have a look through our FAQ, or get in touch.


What’s covered in the curriculum?

Our curriculum is quite fluid. This ensure we meet the specific needs of you and your team. We don’t want to waste time telling you things you already know.

Typically though, we’ll start with looking at your ideal customer and their life time value to your business. Next, we’ll explore what their pain points are, what questions do they want answered?

This guides the content we create and how we structure it on your website for on-page and then off-page SEO benefit.

With content created, we’ll look at spreading content via channels such as email marketing and social. We’ll then dive deeper into your social to cover organic content and paid campaigns.

If it’s of interest, we’ll show you how not to waste money on Google Ads. There’s no point paying for ads if you can easily rank #1 oranically.

Lastly, how do we measure success? We’ll show you Google Analytics and Google Search Console so you can see and report on the success of your marketing campaigns.

Where do we do the digital marketing course?

We’re flexible. Our office in Sydney’s Potts Point is suite for small teams of 1 -4.

If your team’s larger, or you’re out of Sydney, we can come to you.

We can also video conference with you and your team, so distance and time is no barrier.

How many people can participate?

Our digital marketing courses have been run for 1 and for 30.

It really depends on how hands on and specific you want to be. The smaller the group, the more flexible we can be to answer specific questions and get into the nitty gritty. For larger teams, it’s a bit harder to dive deep due to everyone’s varied skill levels.

Will I get a certificate?

We’re not a university, a college or a TAFE. We’re doers, not just teachers. In our digital marketing course, we show you the exact strategies and tactics that we use day-to-day when we run our own campaigns and our client campaigns.

If you’d like or need a certificate of attainment, we can provide you with one.

What do I need to bring?

A laptop, knowledge about your business, your market and your customers. Also, please have on hand all your passwords. Nothing wastes time more than having to do password resets in the middle of a digital marketing course.

When it comes to passwords, we’ll even show you a free and secure tool so you and your team can securely manage and share passwords. No more passwords in an Excel spreadsheet *shudder*.

What skill level do I need?

You’ll need a moderate skill level when it comes to all things digital and marketing.

You won’t need to know code or anything to in-depth, but you’ll need to appreciate and understand the basics of marketing.

You’ll also need to be a regular user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Ideally, you’ll know the basics of how to update content on your WordPress (or similar) website.

How much does a digital marketing course cost?

Run in our office for 1-4 people, our fee is $800 (ex. GST) for a 3 hour session.

If you’re a solo operator, bring some friends and colleagues from other businesses to help spread the cost for yourself.

Digital Marketing Course

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Digital Marketing Course

Beyond the hype, we’ll practically teach you how to market successfully

Result Driven

Beyond pretty pictures, followers and likes, we’re committed to achieving measurable results – whatever your marketing goals. Great ideas, executed well, means little without results.


We work as an extension of your team and systems. We attend meetings, produce reports and work shoulder to shoulder to achieve the results with your trusted team.


Data speaks volumes. We help you to collect, interpret and report results. Whether those reports are for your Board, Management Committee or other stakeholders, we’ll help you report.


Beyond a Digital Marketing Course 

Planning and executing a successful strategy is half the battle. We utilise industry leading methods to maximise the reach of your campaigns across all mediums and channels.

Website Design & Development

Looking for industry leading web design and development? We plan, design and develop conversion optimised websites, be they eCommerce or for service based professions.

Social Media

Social media is essential for building a tribe of supporters and to demonstrate your Company’s values. Ensure you have a strategy that’s easy to execute and simple to report on.


Search engine optimisation needn’t be confusing jargon. Simply, tell Google as clearly as possible what your content is about and reap the rewards of ranking organically in Google and other search engines.