What Makes Direct Email Marketing Different?

What Makes Direct Email Marketing Different?

Nicole Shelley

21 June 2019

There are around 3 billion active email users in the world right now, 1 so chances are you’ve sent and received a fair few emails in your time. But scroll through your inbox and you’ll see that not all emails are created equal. While some emails are just plain text, others are the colourful, attention-grabbing product of direct email marketing.

What is it?

Direct email marketing is a way for businesses to share relevant news, offers and more with all of their customers and contacts at once. Whether you run a locally-loved, hole-in-the-wall café with no marketing experience on your CV, or whether you’re a multi-qualified Marketing Manager at an international corporation, you can do direct email marketing.

What makes it different?

We’re all familiar with the look of a typical email: simple text on a simple background that gets your message across. You would attach only documents, not frills. But what about emails generated from a direct email marketing campaign?

These look very different. Often bold and image-heavy, these communications are more like web-based ads than standard messages.

They are designed to grab your audience’s attention, get your content seen and keep your business top of mind. They are works of email art, if you like. Affordable premium web development services are available in plenty these days. Which can certainly kick your content into the center of the clamour to be raised high onto unprecedented levels.

Will my emails ever look that good?

If you’re new to email marketing, then the thought of creating slick emails like the ones pumped out by your favourite brands might be daunting. But fear not – if you choose the right digital marketing platform, it’s very easy!

Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor are just two companies with great platforms. They offer intuitive, drag-and-drop email templates that allow you to assemble your content with ease. You can edit the look of your emails to reflect your brand. Add personal touches like recipient names and compare different versions of the same email to see which one would work best.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard and no coding is required!

These platforms also provide a plethora of helpful statistics about your emails once you have sent them. You can track email open rates, the popularity of different web links, bounce backs and so much more.

Is it worth it?

Yes! With 264 billion emails set to be sent and received this year, direct email marketing shows no sign of slowing and continues to drive business success. If you’re yet to step into the direct email marketing world. Then there’s no better time than now to make the move.

Want to find out more about direct email marketing? We’re always open to your questions and keen to discuss the right digital marketing solution for you. Please feel free to get in touch with us now.

1 Source: Campaign Monitor (www.campaignmonitor.com/resources/knowledge-base/how-many-email-users-are-there-in-2019/)