Facebook Algorithm Changes and What It Means for Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Algorithm Changes and What It Means for Your Facebook Business Page

Ryan Shelley

6 July 2016

There is much hype about the devastating effect the 2016 Facebook Algorithm change will have on your business page’s engagement.

From Facebook’s inception, the social media platform has been about people, their personal stories and connection. Sharing a picture of the family birthday gathering or liking and commenting on pictures your friend had shared from the airport lounge on their European holiday. Naturally as the masses and the popularity of Facebook increased, businesses inherently joined too.

With almost 63% of the Australian population on Facebook – 15 million users; it’s easy to see why this is such a popular platform. The potential reach for your product or service is staggering.

Facebook is not shy about making changes, especially when they change their Facebook Algorithm. For example, Facebook reaction emjois or Instagram post notifications have been very popular headlines in 2016. The latest announcement on the News Feed, can have an impact on your Facebook business page.

Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Firstly, each Facebook users news feed will focus on content from family and friends first! Family and friends you interact with the most, will be given priority at the top of your news feed.
  2. Then the Facebook algorithm will show each user content that that individual finds interesting. Facebook is already aware if you are a sports fan, tech nut or food connoisseur. The business pages you like in your respected areas of interest will be delivered after your family and friends posts. If you interact with these pages by liking, commenting and sharing – these topics will continue to be delivered to your news feed.

Facebook Algorithm – News Feed vs Topic Feed

Does this mean businesses reach and engagement is likely to fall? On the News Feed… Absolutely!

However the news feed isn’t the only feed source. And it’s important to note the Facebook algorithm changes introduced will only impact your NEWS FEED.

The ability to customise your topic feeds and access to browse a greater range of topics from different sources as both a personal Facebook user and Social Media manager is refreshing!

But before you lose all hope of ever featuring in the new Feed again, good news – there are two options:

Sharing content
Firstly, with the right Facebook audience, if your posts inform and entertain, it is likely that your post will have engagement. Having your content shared and comments made on the shared post is the golden ticket to the Facebook reach and engagement chocolate factory!

Pay to Play
Secondly, sponsored posts have become increasingly important, particularly as Facebook generates billions of dollars in ad revenue each year. Splashing a little cash here and there at your key target audience will bolster your reach.

Paid advertising on social media was imminent. Like print or television in its younger years, opportunities for marketing have followed.

So, if you have any questions on Facebook and social media strategy, please contact us. After major changes like this are announced it’s important to tweak your strategy and perhaps even your social media budget too.