Facebook Reactions Emojis Released – Like, Love and Laugh

Facebook Reactions Emojis

Facebook reactions emojis have arrived. We have all be patiently waiting for the dislike button to appear on Facebook. Similar to like and dislike functionality on YouTube. Facebook decided to slightly review their iconic like feature which they introduced in 2009. Avoiding a dislike button and instead adding a number of new Facebook reactions emojis.

As of this morning, we all have the choice to like or add a Facebook reactions emojis. Faces will range from laughing to surprise to sadness all the way through to sheer anger. There’s even a heart for the posts you love.

Facebook reactions emojis have been tested in Ireland and Spain, with Spain testing how the characters work in non-English languages.

With Facebook having over 1.6 billion active users, and the ‘like’ button clicked on over 6 BILLION TIMES A DAY, we wonder what the wider Facebook audience will think of these little faces.

Facebook reactions emojis – Why?

While you might think the introduction of the reactions emojis is all fun. These little characters will further empower Facebook with analytical data.  Data on each post will be stored and analysed, with the reactions of each post used to see how it is perceived by its users.

Why you ask… One reason is advertising. Users will be able to target their advertising accordingly. At the touch of a Facebook reaction emoji button your audience will interact, sharing their thoughts and feedback. Get ready, you might need to hold on as Facebook advertising is taken to a whole new level of sophistication.

It’s a very clever analytical move by Facebook, not to mention it gives its users more options than just the ‘like button. Which has been in high demand for many years!

Whether you think the emoijis are juvenile or will add a bit of spunk to your posts, keep your eye on your Facebook timeline and watch your audience react. Visit Pepper IT on Facebook and get emotional with us!

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