Facebook Tools: Goodbye Facebook Analytics

Facebook Tools: Goodbye Facebook Analytics

Nicole Shelley

18 June 2021

Heads up social media managers, it’s officially time to say goodbye to Facebook Analytics. While I’m sure many will have already switched over to greener pastures, for those still hanging on – if you’re not familiar with the latest Facebook Tools yet, now is the time to get familiar.

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The insights tool will no longer be available following June 30th, 2021. But it’s not all sad news. In the grand scheme of Facebook tools for insights, Facebook Analytics wasn’t exactly the GOAT.

Analytics offered valuable insights including reports on revenue and customer lifetime value, which at the time, were life changing for marketers who had never had a way to track results from both organic and paid marketing across devices. However, it only provided an aggregate view of post trends, which just doesn’t cut it in today’s data-driven marketing world.

Though not completely obsolete, it’s definitely about time for an update. The move to get rid of Analytics is an effort to consolidate all business Facebook tools into one single, streamlined platform – Business Suite.

Replacement Facebook Tools for Analytics: Business Suite

Not quite ready to say goodbye to Analytics? Here’s a breakdown of its endorsed replacement – Business Suite – first released last September.

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Business Suite adds greater depth of insight, combining Facebook and Instagram insights into one seamless platform. It’s a one-stop shop that helps you manage all your connected accounts and their marketing and advertising activities. No doubt that both PPC agencies and do-it-yourself advertisers will love this new simplified user experience.

Detailed advertising metrics such as cost, impressions, reach and reports on demographics and ad delivery are just a few of the in-depth insights you can expect to see as a new user of Business Suite.

Above all, it streamlines business management – especially when working across both Instagram and Facebook – and simplifies communication. What more could you want from Facebook tools?

What about Creator Studio?

On first glance, any marketer might look at the two Facebook tools and prefer Creator Studio – it certainly looks more polished!

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However, there are features on which Business Suite outperforms Creator studio. Business Suite enables you to respond to customer reviews, and perhaps more exciting, create ads.

At pepper, we use Creator Studio primarily for organic social campaigns and its publishing capacity across Facebook and Instagram. Business Suite is our go-to for overall social media management and ad creation!