How to Create an Email Newsletter for your Brand

How to Create an Email Newsletter for your Brand

Nicole Shelley

23 October 2020

An email newsletter is a great way to reach out to your clients and database. They allow you to create newsletter communications that reflect your business and branding.

An email newsletter is an important element of your marketing plan. It is often an afterthought but has proven to generate extraordinary ROI rates. According to Campaign Monitor, email marketing has a 4400% ROI, that’s $44 for every $1 spent.

Email newsletters, also known as email direct marketing or EDM, are a great way to keep in touch with your clients, database and people interested in your business.

You can put anything you choose in your newsletter that relates to your business and meets your desired marketing outcomes.

Once you have your initial template, it becomes easier to create new content for each email newsletter you send.

But, if you’ve never sent out an EDM, how do you start?

How to create an Email Newsletter

People will more than likely only sign up to an email newsletter if they’re interested in your business, you as an employee and/or the products you offer.

Considering this, here is what your email newsletter should address. Importantly, email newsletters should go hand-in-hand with your marketing strategy and shouldn’t be sent out without desired outcomes in mind.

The first step in creating a newsletter is to decide how often you want to send one. If you’re a small business and have little time to dedicate to email, sending daily is unnecessary. It’s completely acceptable to send a newsletter once a week, or once a month, depending on your content and audience.

Next, think about what you want to include in your newsletter. This may be deals, articles about your industry, insights from yourself, photos of your business and team or free samples of whatever product or service you offer. For example, a lawyer may want to create a newsletter that gives other lawyers insight into what they are doing in their practice and trends in the industry. Similarly, They wouldn’t necessarily share a picture of themselves at the beach, as this does not align with the desired marketing outcomes for a law firm.

Also, consider other places to which you want to link, for example, your social media, a trusted news source, or a deal you’re currently offering. While the more trusted the source and better information you provide, the more interest people will have in your newsletter, resulting in higher click rates.

Email marketing software is the easiest way to organise ideas and manage email addresses. They often have user-friendly templates to easily insert any content you want to share.

Now we have the substance, let’s get creating.

Email Newsletter Design

As mentioned above, using email marketing software is one of the best ways to design an EDM as they often have a range of email newsletter templates that allow easy upload of images and text fields to input copy.

Email marketing software includes platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign and Hubspot.

If you don’t have email marketing software, you can use graphic design software like Canva, that offer email newsletter templates.

When thinking about creating email marketing in Australia, make sure you have tested the campaign across devices. According to Deloitte Australia, 48% of people use their mobile phones to check emails. Litmus states that only 22% are opened on a desktop. So, be sure to send a test email to yourself before sending to your database to test it across devices, particularly mobile devices.

Email Newsletter Examples

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If you’re looking to take your email newsletter marketing to the next level, get in contact with pepperit today.