ABC News – The #MeAt20 craze is rushing across social media

ABC News – The #MeAt20 craze is rushing across social media

Nicole Shelley

17 April 2020

The advent of the #MeAt20 trend across social media, especially Twitter, seems to have its origins in a rather innocuous post in early April. Since then, the idea of posting a picture of when you were 20 has circled the globe.

Are we yearning for a time before coronavirus? ABC News investigated whether this was related to COVID-19, with social media users looking for a time before the world was turned upside down.

Ryan Shelley, our Managing Director, was asked by ABC News whether this was the next social craze or a feeling of nostalgia coming through in uncertain times.

You will find very few social users who are posting self-absorbed content right now. Even though it’s about posting an image of yourself, the #MeAt20 trend is much more community minded.

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