Real Estate Conversation – The power of community in digital marketing

Real Estate Conversation – The power of community in digital marketing

Ryan Shelley

5 November 2019

Creating an engaged online community is a powerful marketing tool. As such, Ryan Shelley, writes for the Real Estate Conversation on the value and importance of community management in real estate digital marketing. This network driven industry requires a focus on the building of this community.

Are you a real estate agent, conveyancer, tourism operator or professional association? Engaging with your audience and addressing them as you would face to face is equally as important as content creation.

Building a presence across social media requires creating and sharing interesting, relevant content with your target audience. Content that is generated specifically with this audience in mind.

Continuing this idea, to build this presence, engage with your community! This can be as easy as leaving a comment on a local businesses page or giving kudos to your favourite barista.  Show the human behind the brand, and show yourself in your local community. This builds your reputation, personal brand and encourages digital engagement.

Engage with your community

Furthermore, don’t underestimate the value of being informed. Stay informed about local events, trends in your industry or even the latest social media craze for real estate. Share these insights. In doing so, you stay ahead of a very competitive real estate sector.

Read the full article, as published in the Real Estate Conversation, about community management in real estate.