CONVEY Magazine – Social Media Content Strategy for Conveyancers

CONVEY Magazine – Social Media Content Strategy for Conveyancers

Nicole Shelley

30 April 2017

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW Division – AICNSW asked our Managing Director Ryan Shelley to provide an outline on social media content strategy for conveyancers for their members in their magazine CONVEY.

CONVEY is a biannual magazine for their property and conveyancing community.

For people from every industry – in every walk of life – there are two common mistakes they all make when they start their business’s journey in social media. They either say nothing so no one hears – or they talk too much about themselves so no one listens.

The first person mistakenly thinks they’ve got nothing of value to say via their social media. After working so closely in their business, it’s often hard to see the forest for the trees. What may have become common knowledge and old hat to them, could be a golden nugget for the less informed. They need to step back from the day to day, take a moment and appreciate the knowledge they’ve accrued. They then need to share this valuable information in a simple and appealing ways to their audience.

The second person makes the opposite mistake and thinks it’s all about them. They get caught up in the likes and the followers. Rather than being informative, every post is a sales pitch. They too need to step back, take a moment and realise there’s more to their business than themselves. They need to focus more on their industry, their clients, their staff and their expertise.

To help both types described above, we recommend clients follow the 5-3-2 rule to help guide them with generating content ideas for social media. Quite simply, when you’re planning your next ten social media posts, they should be made up of the following:

We recommend clients follow the 5-3-2 rule for social media content.

Content Strategy – Five

Five of your next ten social posts should be about others. That is, don’t even make mention of yourself. Look around for content inspiration from sources such as: industry, clients, suppliers, complimentary businesses and current affairs. Some example posts about others could be:

  • NSW Government has committed to a timetable to convert the NSW property industry to a completely paperless environment by July 2019. We’re ready for the change.
  • VIC Government to abolish Stamp Duty for first home buyers. Will NSW follow suit?
  • It’s always a pleasure to assist with a commercial lease! Congratulations on the new premises ABC Café – we can’t wait to come visit!

This is your chance to highlight your industry expertise and knowledge – without directly marketing your services.

Content Strategy – Three

Three of the next ten posts can be about yourself and your business. These should be professional and lightly self-promoting.This is your chance to promote your services and expertise.

  • Busy but informative day getting accredited for Electronic Conveyancing at the AICNSW Workshop.
  • Congratulations to our team on completing a busy week with 15 property settlements in five days! #greatjob #gettingitdone

Content Strategy – Two

Time to have some fun with your last two out of ten posts. This is the time to show your audience that your staff and you are human is a great way to build familiarity and trust.

  • Warmest wishes to our star conveyancer Michael Smith with his big wedding day this weekend!
  • Going to need more than an umbrella to stay dry today! #SydneyStorms

Always include great quality images in each post. Where possible, try to tag the businesses or people you’re talking about, this encourages social networking and sharing of content.
For Instagram and Twitter well researched hashtags are key.

With the 5-3-2 Rule you should never be stuck for great content ideas for your social media again.

Ryan Shelley is the Managing Director of Pepper IT and has been helping business with their Social and Digital Marketing for over ten years. If you are a Conveyancer and would like to know more on social media content strategy for Conveyancers and your practice, please do drop us a line.