ABC News – Ryan Shelley on Facebook User Growth

ABC News – Ryan Shelley on Facebook User Growth

Ryan Shelley

31 January 2019

Managing Director of pepperit, Ryan Shelley, recently provided his expert opinion on Facebook user growth in an ABC News Interview.

Even in established countries, Facebook is just so ingrained in our community. It’s how we connect with each other. Though we say we’re turning away from sites like Facebook, it’s very difficult to disconnect entirely.

Despite Facebook growth being reported to have stagnated among developed countries in recent years, Ryan Shelley outlined reasons for continual expansion of the platform. In his interview with ABC News, Ryan explained,

The up and coming countries, the up and coming middle class, they’re flocking to Facebook. The Philippines, India, it’s these countries that have the most growth at the moment.

While the UK, the US and Australia are definitely starting to stagnate, it’s like any market. Those first to jump on board are the first to see the trend decline but the developing countries will see growth continue for some time to come.

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