Lawyers Update Skills in Digital Marketing

Lawyers Update Skills in Digital Marketing

Nicole Shelley

1 April 2020

In the busy day-to-day of law firm operations, the opportunity to step back and really strategise your marketing direction is often lost.

At pepperit, we’ve had years of experience working with law firms and so can empathise with those who believe its all a little too hard to start or implement a marketing strategy.

It need not be difficult. Or even time consuming. And applied the right way, can be hugely beneficial to your business.

As he is often asked to do, our Agency Director Ryan Shelley recently presented via video link to a group of lawyers for the Legalwise Business Skills for Lawyers course. As part of their Continuing Professional Development requirements, these lawyers were privy to Ryan’s very well received session Digital Marketing for Law Firms.

Ryan’s session covered:

  • The importance of starting with a digital marketing strategy.
  • Keyword research and strategy.
  • How to stake your claim in such a noisy space through social media – his easy formula.
  • The rebirth of email marketing.
  • Not just creating great content, but also making it work harder for you.

Importantly, his examples always specifically reflect law firms and have practical examples across the different disciplines of the legal profession.

Lawyers and their firms are at the forefront of some important current changes.

You need to upskill, educate your clients, manage new risks such as cybercrime – but on top of that, you’re also expected to market and grow your business!

One of the key takeaways from Ryan’s presentation is that when approaching digital marketing in your own law firm, remember to make it about your client. Whatever your message is, show value or benefit to the people who keep your business running.