Published daily, and reaching over 110,000 lawyers, Lawyer’s Weekly is the authoritative source of independent news, analysis and opinion about the practice of law in Australia. To prepare for the industry’s biggest night of the year, The Australian Law Awards, Lawyer’s Weekly enlisted the expertise of our Operations Manager, Nicole Shelley, to share insights into how legal professionals could make the most of the event by leveraging social media.

Getting the most exposure for your awards nomination using Social Media

The Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards 2017 will be held this Friday, and it’s exciting to have so many of the industry’s leading voices come together for the prestigious event. Now, while the revelry of the night is sure to leave an impression, the occasion also provides an opportunity for legal professionals to gain exposure and grow audiences online, writes Nicole Shelley.
Specifically, by leveraging the power and reach of social media.

Events such as the Law Awards are an ideal time to ramp up your social media presence. Your audience is not only targeted and relevant, they’re also highly engaged, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to increase your profile as a leading voice in the industry.

To help you make the most of the awards night, we’ve put together some best practice tips. Having invested in getting this far, these simple, tried and tested tips will really help you leverage your nomination and maximise your exposure and efforts. Broken down into ‘pre-event’, ‘event-live’ and ‘post-event’ sections, we have summarised some effective practical steps for successfully leveraging your social media presence over the coming week.


Perhaps the most underutilised communication window in both traditional and digital marketing is the period in the immediate lead-up to an event. The high anticipation leads to a propensity to engage, so give your audience something to talk about.

Start by using the award night’s hashtag (#LawAwardsAu) in your posts so that they are easily found and shared. With hashtags now ubiquitous across all major social media platforms, don’t be afraid to share them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and yes, even LinkedIn.

This takes us to the next point. Managing all your social media platforms. It’s vital to ensure your business accounts have been set up correctly to allow you to quickly post and comment on both personal and business accounts from your smartphone. You won’t have the luxury of a desktop experience during the event so test and tweak your settings before the week is out.

Once you’re familiar with the hashtag and your accounts set up, you’re ready to join the conversation. Use countdowns, reply to relevant tweets, mention the categories or nominees you’re looking forward to seeing. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask a question. Tweet about a sponsor or the venue, professionals are looking for an opportunity to connect, so make it easy (all the while using #LawAwardsAu).

Event live

Real-time updates from the awards will breathe life into your social media accounts. Get tapping with live updates of the MC, nominees, winners and, most importantly, your thoughts.

Has anything odd or funny happened, what’s caught your attention? Remember, while it’s important to maintain integrity online, especially as a professional services firm, it’s also vital to let your personality as a business and individual shine when on social media.

One great way to do this is by sharing insightful or inspiring quotes from speakers, announcers and award winners. Bite-sized bits of wisdom are not only popular but they are likely to get shared, exposing you to audiences you did not previously have access to.

And, of course, when in doubt, post a picture. The Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards have always been a grand affair, the venue is stunning, the food divine and the company, impeccable. From the MC to the décor, to your colleagues’ snappy outfits – images are immediately engaging and highly shareable which make them perfect posts for the night.


The festivities may be over, but the conversation doesn’t have to end. Ensure that you continue to engage, follow and reach out to others who were engaged and active during #LawAwardsAu.

These are the people and businesses who understand social [media] and who can help you towards building a network of complementary social media followers.


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