Legalwise Seminars – How Can Social Media Work for Law Firms?

Legalwise Seminars – How Can Social Media Work for Law Firms?

Ryan Shelley

22 February 2018

Our Managing Director and social media expert, Ryan Shelley, sat down recently to talk to Legalwise seminars. They discussed the key challenges and opportunities facing law firms when it comes to digital marketing, in particular: how do you make social media work for law firms?

Ryan is running sessions at two of Legalwise’s seminars in March to provide real, actionable insights into successful social media for law firms “how do you make social media work for law firms”.

Speaking to a room of partners and lawyers, Ryan draws on his many years of experience to demonstrate how a managed presence on social media should be an integral part of any law firm’s broader marketing strategy.

“Professional service firms, originally slow adopters of digital marketing, are now blossoming online and social media has become an effective and measurable marketing channel”, explains Ryan.

The stats don’t lie. As of February 2018, 15 million Australians are active users of Facebook each month. 3 million are regularly tweeting and 4.2 million are showcasing their professional expertise on LinkedIn. These are your clients, colleagues and influencers. What a great opportunity to engage regularly and directly with them – capturing their attention when they are actively looking!

By using tangible examples, highlighting the most common mistakes and what not to do. As well as providing practical tips and tricks. Ryan demystifies the why, the what and the how of successful social media for law firms.

Key takeaways

Missed the seminars on how do you make social media work for law firms? Some key takeaways to get you started:

  • Ensure you have a robust strategy, the right resources and a senior champion.
  • Think about your content – be relevant, timely and add some value. Just like your non-digital marketing – think ‘client first’. What do you want to be talking about and to whom? What do you want to be known for? And how can you provide valuable thought leadership content?
  • Its not all about the numbers of likes and followers. It is better to have a smaller, engaged following than it is to have a large disinterested and dormant following.
  • Set expectations – you need to be committed, strategic and in for the long term to get proper results. A quick, random trial with no proper strategy will fail more often than not. This will end in disappointment and likely abandonment – which in today’s market is a big mistake.

In summary, don’t dabble, it’s time to take proper, long term action now before you get left behind by your competitors!

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