Newcastle Herald – Calling Sydney and Newcastle home

Newcastle Herald – Calling Sydney and Newcastle home

Nicole Shelley

28 February 2022

If anyone knows what it’s like to return to their hometown after time away, it’s our Co-Founder and Head of Marketing Nicole Shelley. After 14 years in Sydney, Nicole has returned to her Newcastle hometown to expand pepperit, opening a second office on Hunter Street in Newcastle.

The pepperit team were honoured to host Newcastle Herald in our Newcastle office, celebrating Nicole’s achievements.

The New Move initiative aims to attract innovative entrepreneurs to Newcastle to expand and share their talents. Nicole believes that relocation is an idea desired by many in the capital cities.

“Young families and professionals who have experienced capital city life in Sydney or Melbourne, or even further afield in London or New York, do want to return home.”

Nicole chatted with Newcastle Herald about her time in Newcastle, and expanding the pepperit team and footprint.

“I’m thrilled to be back in Newcastle, opening a second office in my hometown and hiring such fantastic local talent. They have some exceptional skills and experience, but I know they would also like the lifestyle and flexibility. We hope this is our point of difference in what we will bring to our Newcastle team.”

As for her successes, Nicole remains characteristically modest, recalling her previous professional experiences in the city.

“I’m honoured to have worked for both the major sponsors of the Jets in Ampcontrol and Port of Newcastle. My next step is actually learning the rules of football!”

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