NITV – The Point – Black Representation in Pop Culture – TikTok

NITV – The Point – Black Representation in Pop Culture – TikTok

Nicole Shelley

9 June 2020

This segment was produced as part of a larger series, Black Representation in Pop Culture. Here, SBS’s reporter Brooke Fryer reviews the popular video site TikTok and the ways our mob are standing out.

TikTok allows users to upload short videos of them lip syncing, dancing and even performing relatable comedy skits.

In a time of isolation, it has proven to be an immensely popular application. It allows its users to keep busy, share their lives and stay in touch with those who matter.

It has also proven to be a great way to promote music, according to musician @popsandjayofficial. He reports he uploaded a video without thinking much of it. Within the day, they had 200,000 views, woke up to 650,000 views and had 2 million within a couple of days. It has helped introduce the musician to a larger audience and connect with them in another way.

Where does TikTok stand against other social media platforms? To discuss this, our Managing Director Ryan Shelley was interviewed by Brooke at our Potts Point office.

Compared to Facebook etc., it’s the most downloaded social media app at the moment. People are interested and people are downloading it faster than Facebook.

Ryan went on to add that we are seeing the benefits of cross-pollination of these social media apps:

Getting a following and popularity on any platform can help with growing popularity on other platforms

View a snippet of the segment below.

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