Seven News – Tech Companies Challenged with Live Streaming

Seven News – Tech Companies Challenged with Live Streaming

Nicole Shelley

30 May 2019

Live streaming on social media is a great way for people to share special moments with their personal friends or business’ followers in real time. However, on rare occasions, it can be used for sinister motives.

Ryan Shelley spoke with Brian Seymour of Seven News about the challenges technology companies now face. A technology that is so connecting and empowering to individuals and businesses needs to remain simple and easy to use. However, steps need to be taken to ensure that the bad-willed can’t exploit the same service.

Many ask, what can tech companies do to make sure that horrific content isn’t live streamed?

“To guarantee it, at the moment, the only way to stop this content is to remove live streaming.”

But in light of the many commercial and personal benefits of live streaming, the challenge remains in finding a solution that lies somewhere between all and nothing.

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