Which 50 – Responding to Negative Press on Social Media

Which 50 – Responding to Negative Press on Social Media

Ryan Shelley

23 August 2017

One of the most viral stories of 2017 was the ejection of an American doctor on an United Airlines flight. Which-50 sits down with our Managing Director, Ryan Shelley, and Trinity P3 chief, Darren Woolley to discuss how leading organisations utilise social channels to effectively respond to and manage bad press.

Some key take-aways from Ryan:

  • Being agile is paramount, brands should always be ready to fire in response to negative press
  • Don’t wait to respond, by the time your response is ready, you’re uncovering a wound that’s started to heal
  • Twitter is a must for brands looking to find media exposure – Watch the 6 o’clock news, journalists don’t use their Facebook name under their talking head, they’re using their twitter handle
  • Be genuine and conversational on social media – market your brand without ‘marketing’

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