The bushfires that have ravaged so many parts of Australia in the last few months have brought much heartache, loss and destruction.They have also highlighted the best of humanity in so many ways.Searching the hashtag #bushfire will render hundreds of heart-warming results of fundraising, communities banding together, corporate Australia pitching in and those in fortunate positions lending a hand to fellow Australians left with little more than the clothes on their backs.Yet, there has also been a movement of a small number of social media users in employing the bushfire-related hashtags for their own self-promotion, and nothing to do with the bushfire events, all in the name of increasing likes and shares.

Pepperit’s Ryan Shelley spoke with Yahoo News Australia about the hijacking of hashtags by those who used them to promote clothes brands, yoga classes and models.

While it is not a new practice – several Instagrammers took advantage of the Sri Lankan bombings and Hurricane Dorian in this way – the vast majority of Australians are compassionate and would not accept this behaviour.

“Social media is a powerful platform for communities to come together. Regrettably, some people continue to take advantage of devastating events and circumstances… some people may be oblivious to whether they’re doing anything wrong at all.”

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