Inaugural Newcastle Office Summer Internship Programme

Inaugural Newcastle Office Summer Internship Programme

Nicole Shelley

28 February 2022

Summer is one of our favourite times of the year, which makes hosting our Summer Internship program that bit more fun. This year we had the pleasure to host Olivia and Daisy in the inaugural Newcastle Office Summer Internship Programme.
We chatted to Olivia and Daisy about their experiences over the past three months.


Olivia completed her Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing and Sports Management at the University of Newcastle in 2021. Like most graduates, she was excited for the future but also a little nervous at the thought of starting her career in marketing.

When Olivia applied for the programme, she was excited to step away from Zoom and experience working with the pepper team in a face-to-face environment.

“From day one, I worked alongside Nicole and the pepper team on different projects, tasks and clients.”

Olivia’s top three takeaways

Before she began her marketing journey with us, we asked Olivia to name the top three things she wanted to experience.

  • Enhance her creativity. Olivia is now a Canva whiz! From building a concept for an email template or crafting social media creative. Olivia built on her natural eye for design, improving her graphic design skills.
  • Go beyond the theory of SEO. Our Agency Director Ryan conducted a number of search engine optimisation workshops over the summer. Olivia was soon able to utilise AHREFS to research keywords and backlinks.
  • Improve copywriting skills. Olivia tried her hand at a number of tasks that involved copy writing in both short and longer form.

“Overall, I feel a lot more confident with my marketing experience. I’m grateful for the opportunity from both Nicole and Ryan at pepperit. I felt that I was in very capable hands, they truly are experts in the field.”

“I now look at the world in a different lens. The saying really does ring true, ‘marketing is everything and everything is marketing’.”


Like Olivia, Daisy was ready to nurture what she had learnt during her studies. Majoring in Public Relations, Daisy was keen to expand her marketing skills and learn everything she could.

“I loved being able to put theory into practice and gaining firsthand experience in the field.”

Daisy’s successes

  • Content Creation: Daisy was able to take on ideas and help turn them into reality, whether it was through social media or drafting copy for websites.
  • Creative Brainstorming: Daisy contributed fantastic ideas to our brainstorming sessions. She was always thinking outside the box.
  • Time Management: A skill that came naturally for Daisy, she was able to work through a wide variety of tasks. From copywriting to social media, to SEO and software, Daisy executed every task efficiently.

“I’m very grateful to Nicole and Ryan for showing me the ins and outs of marketing and creating a welcoming learning environment.”

“Pepperit have created an environment where the next generation of marketers can learn and broaden their skills. I’ve experienced what a career in marketing might look like.”

We learn just as much from our junior marketers as they learn from us, and Olivia and Daisy are no different. They have been valuable parts of the pepper team, and we’ve been very lucky to work alongside them for the summer!

If you’re looking to embark on the next stage of your marketing journey, we’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to get in touch and chat through what’s next for you, drop us a line.