&Juliet launches into the Lyric Theatre

&Juliet launches into the Lyric Theatre

Olivia Leathley

7 March 2024

Recently the team at pepperit have had the absolute pleasure of working with the talented and dedicated Michael Cassel Group (MCG).

We were lucky enough to attend their special preview performance of &Juliet last Friday night. Coinciding with Mardi Gras, and with the themes of love and acceptance sprinkled throughout, MCG partnered with Sydney Mardi Gras to host the ultimate celebration event.

In this electrifying twist on a timeless classic, Juliet refuses to be a victim of fate and takes the stage to rewrite her story. Featuring a playlist of iconic pop anthems, including “Since U Been Gone,” “Roar,” and “Baby One More Time,” &Juliet is a high-energy, feel-good spectacle that will have you singing and dancing as she ditches her famous ending for a fresh beginning and a second chance at life and love her way. It’s an eclectic mix of Shakespeare and pop culture – the only tragic thing would be missing out.

The evening’s performance kicked off with a purple carpet event, where notable local stars of the LGBTQ+ community were there to celebrate.

The theme: Celebrate Your Pride, had the theatre foyer filled with vibrant colours, sparkles and personalities! As if the foyer wasn’t treat enough, audience members were now eagerly anticipating the frivolity of what &Juliet had in store!

And oh, what a show it was!

As an avid member of the theatre community (both offstage and on), I can decisively say that I have never had an experience like this one. The energy in the room was all-encompassing. You could see it ignite in the performers, as they belted out pop songs in bright costumes, with striking lights and confetti. This show was nothing short of a knockout. A standing ovation at the end for 5 minutes would express that as well.

“It was so electric on stage…. And in the audience!”

Jerome Javier, company performer in &Juliet

After the show, the audience was treated to stay back for an exclusive post-show Q&A with the stars of the show, including theatre and screen legends, Rob Mills & Casey Donovan. We also heard from a very special guest, the original writer of &Juliet, David West Read. Did you know he also was a writer for the hit series ‘Schitt’s Creek’? His creative brilliance knows no bounds!

This exceptional performance of &Juliet embodied the spirit of inclusivity and pride. We are very thankful to the team at Michael Cassel Group for the opportunity to attend an unforgettable night. We wish the Sydney season of &Juliet every success for opening night and know it will be a sensational run!