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It was once joked that the only reason faxes still existed, was because of lawyers. Now, lawyers are at the forefront of digital change in every aspect of their practice. LegalTech is now a thing and in the property space, lawyers are now settling property transactions via electronic lodgement network operators (ELNOs) such as PEXA and Sympli.

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We have over 25 years combined experience with top-tier law firms, so we understand lawyers.

We also understand law firm marketing and that firms are expected to be marketing maestros in order to keep up with their competitors and to build relationships with their clients. Our founder and managing director, Ryan Shelley has presented to LegalWise on multiple occasions on the topic of Digital Marketing for Law Firms, an executive summary of best practice strategies to guide law firm marketing.

Law Firm Marketing FAQs

We’ve all heard it – and it’s true – content is king! However, the content must be relevant to what your audience is interested in and searching for; so do your homework first.

Stop and think about what your clients and referral partners are googling. What are their pain points and what questions do they want answered? To this point, use Google’s autocomplete to give you keyword suggestions. If you make a list based on this then you’ll never draw a blank when it comes time to create content again.

For each keyword, create a simple blog or landing page on your firms website. Remember, only one keyword per page/blog and don’t try to answer everyone’s questions or include every keyword on one page.

Too often, great content is created, used once in a journal or brochure, then lost forever. As such, you need to make the absolute most out of every piece of content you create by using it across a blog, social posts, eDMs and any other customer touchpoints you market in.

Search engine optimisation is often considered too technical to understand. Simply, it’s ensuring your content is as easy as possible for Google and other search engines to understand. So if they understand each page/blog on your firm’s website, they’ll be able to show it to potential clients. There’s some easy to follow, “must do’s” when you publish your content to your website.

Gone are the days of opening Outlook and bcc’ing a few thousand of your nearest and dearest. Remember to capitalise on your content and distribute teaser content from your blog/page to your email marketing list. When done well, email marketing can return $42 for every $1 spent. So follow our steps listed on our EDM marketing page to understand how to generate returns from email marketing.

Traditionally, law firm marketing consisted of nothing more than a monthly post to LinkedIn. While you need to do more than that, you don’t need to over think it. So choose your social platforms (LinkedIn and Facebook are good for most firms) and commit to posting 3 times per week. One post should be about your practice areas, a second post should be about your firm (such as the blog you wrote), and the third should be something a bit more personal about your team or your community.

Is that all I need for a law firm marketing strategy?

It’s that simple. With those 7 steps, you have a law firm marketing strategy that your firm can execute, measure and refine over time to drive new leads and bring in new clients.

With a combined 25 years’ experience working with leading global law firms, we understand law and know how to promote your firm. We’d love to up-skill your team, help you develop a strategy or assist you in the execution – just get in touch!

I used Pepper IT for SEO and social media for my boutique family law firm. I found Ryan to be very knowledgeable, results driven and professional. Pepper … has helped raised my profile and improved my engagement with followers.

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Social Media and Law Firm Marketing

You need a team who understands digital marketing and law firms.

This ability to combine proven experience helping businesses get the best ROI from their digital and social media with an in-depth understanding of the unique environment of professional services provides you with a powerful and unmatched combination.

Begin your marketing and business development activities by ensuring your strategy addresses social media channels that are proactively and effectively aligned with your website and other traditional marketing channels.

Yes, law firm social strategy does work, however you need the right strategy and right execution.

Your clients are using social media platforms, so connect and effectively engage with them first, before your competitors do.

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