Let’s talk about Active Campaign

Let’s talk about Active Campaign

Nicole Shelley

17 September 2021

Marketers who use segmented campaigns note up to a 760% increase in revenue.

If that’s not enough of a reason to jump into and invest in your email marketing campaign strategy, I don’t know what is. Email marketing is all about connection – welcoming current, past, and potential clients into the home that is your business, and encouraging them to stay, at least for a chat. Investing in a great email and CRM software is the first step to ensuring that email marketing can find a solid home in your business. Our favourite is Active Campaign.

What is Active Campaign?

Active Campaign is a customer experience software for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides all the email marketing, marketing automation, sales and CRM tools you need to create memorable customer experiences.

We use it for 3 main purposes:

  1. As a CRM system. It can be used to manage and report on every person that has ever engaged with your business. Keeping your customers happy through customer relationship management makes up a significant part of keeping your business running. Active Campaign offers a simple yet comprehensive system of lists, tagging, deals, and note-taking, that details all the information you need, right at your fingertips.
  1. As an email marketing and automation software. It can be used to send individual campaigns to segmented audiences, for example, our weekly newsletter, PepTalk, is all constructed within and sent out through Active Campaign. Need to send out a quick one-off email update to your customers? This feature is for you.
  1. Pushing out tailored automations. To generate leads and guide people through a customer journey of your choosing. Email automations offer a hands-off approach to email marketing, doing the job for you after the initial setup. Think the classic marketing funnel — from awareness to conversion — all streamlined and automated through a simple software.

Why Active Campaign?

There are plenty of email marketing and CRM software out there. Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Klaviyo to name a few. So why Active Campaign?

A big reason is its integrations. With over 840 apps and integrations, whatever your business needs are, there’s very little you can’t do with Active Campaign. Some big ones to look out for are Shopify, WordPress, and Google Analytics. Customer made a purchase or clicked on an email? It’ll flow straight through and be recorded in your database.

Having everything in one place means that when it comes to seeing how everything’s going, you can quickly get a comprehensive performance overview without having to jump between 3 different software and sites. Therefore, it saves money, time, and patience! That’s a tick from us.

Additionally, we also love its simplicity. We’re fond of a simple solution with big impact – and that’s what Active Campaign is. The simple interface, easy usability, and excellent tools are probably the biggest reasons we’ve stayed loyal to the software, and always come back to it. Nothing else comes close!

We’re a Partner

As a marketing agency managing email marketing for multiple clients, joining the Partner program was a no-brainer. It was an opportunity to take the next step with our own email marketing, and to ensure our clients could connect with their respective audiences as best as possible.

Becoming a Partner was only natural, but of course, the extra perks don’t hurt:

  • All the commission and discount opportunities
  • We’re assigned an Active Campaign expert manager for whenever an issue arises
  • Early access to information about upcoming features
  • Exclusive sales and marketing materials to drive agency and client growth
  • Monthly training webinars to keep us on our feet with the latest best practices
  • And much more.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – Active Campaign is our favourite email marketing software.

Of course, many factors go into selecting an email marketing software. Maybe Active Campaign just isn’t for you! We’re not judging (okay, maybe a little)! Regardless, check out our blog on Email Marketing Software – Finding Your Perfect Match on what to look for when selecting your email marketing software.