How to Update Your LinkedIn Company Page URL

How to Update Your LinkedIn Company Page URL

Nicole Shelley

18 May 2017

LinkedIn has been the leading professional networking platform for over a decade. In today’s corporate world, it’s more important than ever to have a rich, branded presence. Creating and managing an active LinkedIn Company Page is critical to building brand exposure and attracting talent. Image is everything. 

The first and often most confusing piece of this puzzle is getting your URL right.

When you first create your Company Page on LinkedIn, you’ll be served with a URL that looks something like this:

If you want to look like a professional, trusted business, that LinkedIn Company Page URL should be reading as ‘’. It also benefits SEO . So that search engines like Google know to serve the page when your brand name is queried online. This results will work alongside your website.

Now the big question is, how?

Don’t be surprised when you can’t change your LinkedIn Company Page URL from your account settings drop-down.

It’s not meant to be easy. Changing your URL can not only make it confusing for users. But can also affect previous back-links to your page if you’ve particularly prolific on the platform. 

Update URL: Step by Step

To change your Company Page URL, you’ll have to fill out a LinkedIn Company Page Request Form which can be found here:

Now keep in mind, you will have to be an ‘administrator’ of the page for LinkedIn to approve your request.

The form fields are fairly straight forward as you can see in the below image.


The only field you need to be mindful of is the drop-down menu; ensure you select ‘I want to update the name and/or URL of this company page.’


Once you’re finished filling in the form, hit ‘submit’ and you’re done! You should receive a response within a few days confirming your URL update.

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