LinkedIn Posting from Hootsuite

LinkedIn Posting from Hootsuite

Nicole Shelley

22 January 2019

LinkedIn provides a great channel to showcase your business and what you offer. However, in a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep up posting updates every day. Posting to LinkedIn from Hootsuite allows you to make the most out of LinkedIn, allowing you to schedule posts while natively posting to LinkedIn. In other words, it is as if you posted directly from LinkedIn but with the ability to schedule posts in advance.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage and monitor your social media activity. Importantly, it allows you to schedule posts to publish at a certain time that you set. This saves you the hassle of having to log in everyday to post content, especially if you like to post daily. Even better, Hootsuite recently introduced the ability to mention people in your LinkedIn page posts.

Hootsuite offers a few simple suggestions when posting to LinkedIn from Hootsuite.

Post relevant LinkedIn content that showcases your company as an industry thought leader.

Firstly, your page should highlight and showcase your company as an industry thought leader. Post timely, interesting company updates and insightful industry analysis on a regular basis. This will help to increase your reach and engagement on posts. Hootsuite recommends once per day and at least once per month. The more your followers interact and engage with your content in the forms of likes, comments and shares, the more likely your content will be shown in the future. In other words, LinkedIn’s algorithm figures out who is and isn’t interested in your content, and shows it to people who are interested. LinkedIn recommends posting in the early morning, at lunchtime or in the early evening, as that is when most users are active on the platform.

LinkedIn posting, time to use effective post copy.

Secondly, what you write on LinkedIn matters and will affect how many people see your page posts. LinkedIn is all about jobs, so naming the professions in the copy will increase post engagement.  In addition, shorter copy works better, but if you must use longer copy, make it easier to read. This could mean using bullet points to make the information more digestible.

Use visual media where possible.

Finally, visual media, such as photo and video traditionally gets more reach and engagement on LinkedIn. Videos should be posted natively to LinkedIn instead of linking to third party platforms such as Youtube where possible. As Hootsuite posts natively to LinkedIn, you can schedule videos through Hootsuite, In addition, content such as slideshare and social cards provide interactive and engaging visual mediums to boost your engagement.

Now, you can also tag through Hootsuite.

One of Hootsuite’s most recent features is being able to tag others in LinkedIn, directly through Hootsuite. Tagging the people and businesses that your business engages with helps you build a relationship with those people and businesses through LinkedIn. This may also encourage them to share your content on their page or profile. Simply mention them in Hootsuite using @ and their LinkedIn handle.

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