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    Local SEO services

    Local SEO services is the process of ensuring that your business is found in localised searches. These searches happen on search engines like Google and Bing, but also on other location-based services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Yelp etc.

    In short, you need to ensure your business information is accurate and optimised for each and every one of these local based services.

    Local search results

    Let’s look at a Google search for: accountant near me.

    search for accountant near me

    You can see, the first few results are paid Google Ads. Most Internet users will automatically skip past these.

    Next, a Google Map shows locations of nearby accountants, as well as an expandable list under the map. These local results are affectionately known in the SEO game as the “snack pack”.

    This is why you need a local SEO. This ensures that your business will be on the map!

    Not shown, but underneath the local results, are the ‘regular’ organic results.

    Does it matter?

    The SEO tool MOZ, did a study and found that 33% of clicks go to the “snack pack” of local SEO services. 40% go to the organic results below. So it’s important to rank organically, and also rank in local SEO services.

    How do I do it?

    The quickest and easiest thing you can do is to create a Google My Business listing. It’s free and there’s NO excuses for a business not having one. Think of this as the modern day yellow pages listing.

    #NotHappyJan – Maybe only our older Australian audiences will appreciate this

    Surely there’s more to local SEO services?

    Yes – there is.

    You need to make sure that your Google My Business listing is complete. Fill in as many fields as you can including: business name, address, phone number, website, email address, opening hours, description of services etc.

    Then, after that, rinse and repeat for other local SEO services like: Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp etc.

    Why? Because if your audience is using Apple maps on their iphone, they may search their for your business name or your business type. And Bing? What the? Quite simply, it’s because some users accidentally use Bing by default if they’re using Microsoft Edge or even (heaven forbid) Internet Explorer.

    So, that’s it then?

    That’s 80% of it!

    The final 20% takes 80% of the effort. You need to ensure your information is kept up to date. Think, changed hours due to holidays or global pandemics.

    Lastly, your listings should be optimised to mention keywords of services that your business can help people with. This part is a little trickier and needs to be done with some keyword intelligence and just a pinch of panache.

    Got questions? Get in touch, we’d love to answer them for you.

    Local SEO Services

    Put your business on the map – literally.

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