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A logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. Get a quote on designing a new logo or revamping an existing one.

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    A well designed logo is critical for your business and sales. 

    How a pepper-designed logo can increase your sales

    • Gives your business or brand a professional look
    • Increases recognition for your Business
    • Increases your target customers
    • Enhances the first impression of potential customers
    • Provides trust and security through the use of colour and typography
    • Will ensure you stand out among a host of competitor companies
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    A strong logo will benefit your organisation.


    A logo gives your company an easily recognisable visual symbol. By placing this image on all correspondence materials, marketing collateral, your website and emails, you give people consistent exposure to your brand.


    Well-conceived and designed logos can be instrumental in building and maintaining a certain image of your brand. A creative and visually appealing logo can attract people to your advertising messages.


    Over time, people will begin to remember your logo. They will associate the quality, taste, and smell of your products with your brand. This will create loyalty in customers, and your logo will become important to them.

    “Professional and easy to work with. They know marketing, and deliver what they promise.”

    Joel Cann CEO, Aspen Group

    Does your brand logo send the right message?

    A good logo or a good trademark gains meaning and power over time. The design should embody these three overarching philosophies of logo design:


    A good logo design will be appropriate to your business and express it’s values. Your logo is how people recognise you, and it helps express how you’re different from your rivals.


    Using too many fonts or colours in your logo will just confuse the consumer and not successfully communicate the message you wish to send. A simple look tells the consumer you are organised.


    It’s common sense to spend time on your logo. It’s the first thing that people see – it’s the look of your company, and it’s going to reflect what you do. Therefore, take extra care in designing your logo.

    Our logo and branding design rates.

    From $2,500.
    A small investment for the most recognisable visual element of your business. Your brand’s new or revised identity starts here.

    From $5,000.
    Packages can include colour and font studies, brand guidelines for your team and partners and full corporate identity.

    From $500.
    We get creative with the small canvas that is your business card. Impress clients with a standout introduction.

    We sure do. The above prices are indicative fees. We ll gladly customise any services to your specific business needs.

    Let’s make your Logo Design Australia

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    1. The first is to call us to have a chat. We’re a friendly bunch and love finding how to best bring out our clients’ brand authenticity.
    2. Another option is to download our Graphic Design and Branding E-book. There’s no obligation here. We truly want to help businesses get the best out of their marketing material.
    3. Finally, have a bit more of a look around our site. Check out some of our past work, learn more about our services and get to know a little about our pepperheads.

    Logo design services

    Pepperit is a full-service marketing agency, providing brand and marketing collateral packages to a diverse range of wonderful clients. Logo design Australia-style is part of our services. The price for logo design varies quite drastically. Why do businesses invest so much money in it? Is it worth it? For a business, “instant recognition” is pretty much their holy grail. When we glance at a successful logo, our mind is instantly connected to the business in question without the need to see it’s actual name. So indeed, a well designed logo is crucial for a company’s branding strategy.

    How long’s a piece of string?

    Many of the world’s largest organisations take great care of their logos, spending days, weeks or months designing and revising a logo at often massive costs. In 1986, a designer was paid $100,000 for the NeXT logo for Steve Jobs. The Olympics 2012 committee shelled out a sweet £400,000 for a logo that divided the world. Pepsi’s logo was redesigned in 2008 for a whopping $1 million. A consultancy’s change from ‘Arthur Andersen’ to ‘Accenture’ was one of the most expensive rebrandings of all time, totalling $100 Million.

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