Mailchimp 101 – How to Create a MailChimp List

Mailchimp 101 – How to Create a MailChimp List

Ryan Shelley

22 June 2017

Today we’re going to teach you how to create a MailChimp List from your excel spreadsheet. As the fastest growing email service provider in the world, many businesses are beginning their email marketing journey on the platform. To help you get started, we’re going to be putting together a series of posts to help you cover your bases. This is the first in our series of MailChimp 101 posts. 

How to create a MailChimp List Step by Step

Step 1: Navigate to Lists.

How To Create a MailChimp List

Step 2: Create a new list.


Step 3: Click the Call to Action from the new box to go to the next step.

101 guide Mailchaimp list

Step 4: Enter in the details. That includes the campaign name, the sender details and a reminder as to why someone is subscribed.

How To Create a MailChimp List

Step 5: Keep scrolling and click save to continue. You can also choose to receive updates on list activity before you continue.

How To Create a MailChimp List

Step 6: Select ‘import contacts’ from the ‘Add contacts’ drop-down in order to import your existing CSV email list.


Step 7: If you have a file export from a CRM or manage your list on excel, please select the first option. Remember to save your excel sheet in ‘.CSV’ format before trying to upload. Click next to continue.

Step 8: Choose the CSV file from your computer. Make sure to click the MailChimp disclaimer to continue. Keep in mind that if this list pushes your total subscribers to over 2000, you will be automatically moved to a paying account.


Step 9: Let MailChimp know which contact detail matches with which excel column. You can skip columns you don’t need.


Step 10: Click ‘save’ to move to the next columns and click ‘next’ once all columns have been completed.


Step 11: Ensure the circle ‘Subscribed’ is selected and click ‘Import’.


And you’re done. We hope you now know how to create a MailChimp List from an Excel sheet.

it’s that simple. Understanding how to setup your MailChimp campaign is only half the battle – learning from your campaign results and improving on your future campaign is the second. In the next how-to, we take you through the basics of creating a MailChimp email campaign.

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