Mandurah Gardens Estate

Website Design and Development and Copywriting

The client

ASX listed company, Aspen Group (ASX:APZ). Owner and operator of Mandurah Gardens Estate.

The challenge

Mandurah Gardens Estate was in need of its own, standalone website to promote the village to current and prospective residents as well as their families and friends. The client would use this website to highlight the Estate’s communal activities, provide details of homes for sale, set out FAQs, offer key contact details and more. 

The outcome

Using the WordPress content management system, a website was created to represent, promote and bring together the Mandurah Gardens Estate community. It showcases the Estate’s strong sense of belonging and security, shares community news and details the Estate’s extensive offering in terms of both social activities and properties. It additionally offers a comprehensive FAQs section as well as multiple channels for contacting the Estate.