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Welcome to pepperit. We’re a full-service marketing agency with a long and proud history in the digital marketing world, providing brand and marketing collateral packages to a diverse range of wonderful clients.

The design and use of marketing collateral is not a new strategy. Yet, the concept itself is worth revisiting periodically. Like most things, it’s not static. New technologies, business environments and consumer trends all play a role in how customers respond to marketing collateral and how businesses use it.

How can we help? Creating marketing collateral for the sake of having it isn’t worth the time, money and effort it takes to produce and distribute it. To create brilliant marketing collateral, you need a plan, goals, and skilled people to craft effective and professional-looking material. Easier said than done? Well, not necessarily; you just need to know where to start. 

The team at pepperit have more than 90 years combined marketing experience. So whether your marketing collateral needs a refresh or a brand new look, rest assured your marketing will be customised, just for you.

Making marketing collateral great.

When determining which type of marketing collateral is right for your organisation, it’s important to think about what it needs to achieve. Whatever the case, marketing collateral has applications for any audience or goal. You just need to know how to make it work. Pepperit can build your marketing collateral requirements based on three simple pillars:

It’s not about us – or you

Remember, your customer is the hero of the story. When creating marketing collateral, it’s all about your audience. Who are they and what are their pain points, concerns, motivators, likes, and dislikes? Help them make a decision, solve a problem, or simply live happier. Your customer is hero and you are their helping hand.

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I know this much is true

Consistency is key. Whether you ensure designers are using the same colours across logos or your marketing team only use photos with a specific style, you need brand consistency. Establishing brand guidelines is critical because people must have access to approved marketing collateral and design files that are on brand.

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Data informed

Unless you really know your marketing collateral is effective, it’s simply not worth it. What’s working and what isn’t? Talk to customers about what content they need, but also look at the stats. Tools like Google Analytics and even analysis of unique identifiers like redemption codes are great ways to get actionable, hard data.

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Types of marketing material.

Traditional Marketing Collateral

Traditional marketing still has a place in the modern world. Utilise pre-internet channels such as print, display, and postal, still effective avenues for many businesses.

In some cases, it gives organisations a way to break through noisy online environments. And for others, it’s the best way to give customers a gentle nudge (and tangible material) after an in-person meeting or trade show.

The cool part is there’s there’s a load of options including brochures, brand magazines, displays and direct mail.

Digital Marketing Collateral

Thanks to the internet, you can now reach more people than ever with your marketing collateral. In many cases, you can also adapt traditional collateral types for the digital space.

For instance, look at the traditional examples above. Take your brochure and create a web-friendly version, or buy “display” ads on third-party sites. Distribute email flyers or even give out digital swag bags with free offers. The concept is the same, however, the strategy is vastly different.

The image to the right explains how digital ad spending is projected to touch $526 billion by 2024.

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