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    With a proud history of working with a range of tertiary students, pepperit is an excellent choice to undertake marketing internships in Sydney. To this, we’re delighted to work with the University of New South Wales Business School. Also, we work with prominent colleges such as Billy Blue College of Design.

    What to look for in Marketing Internships in Sydney

    Academic study will only get you so far in preparing for a career in marketing. No matter what discipline of marketing you choose, you will be far better prepared having undertaken a marketing internship. Sydney (Potts Point) is the home of pepperit, a marketing agency – small in team size but huge in a love of authentic marketing.

    If an internship subject is part of your course of study, forget days upon days of filing or mundane tasks, from day one of your marketing internship with pepper, you’ll be immersed in the world of marketing. Still, it’s not always glamourous. But it is rewarding and an extremely helpful step if you’re looking for a career in marketing.

    Alternatively, perhaps you’re looking for your first foot in the door to a marketing role? Consider an internship to hone real-life skills in understanding how a marketing agency functions, learning to decipher client requests, creating marketing communications and staying on top of the trends that matter most to marketers and brands.

    “My SEO internship with pepperit was a truly rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to work alongside the senior marketing team to gain some hands-on experience… as well as gaining insight into the latest digital marketing strategies in a genuine client-driven setting…. I have successfully acquired the skills and experience which have not only helped me grow as a digital marketer, but also as an individual. If you’re looking to gain some real-world digital marketing experience within an agency setting, look no further!”

    Jason, SEO Intern, August 2020

    Marketing Internships Sydney – work with pepperit

    As we’re a relatively lean team with a bunch of exciting and diverse clients, as an intern with pepper, you will gain real hands-on experience in everything from social media content and community management to developing marketing collateral, devising campaigns, SEO analysis and much more.

    Depending on your interests and capability, we are flexible enough to be able to offer projects and day-to-day work that aligns with you. As such, a marketing internship at pepper will give you the best of both worlds. It will teach invaluable skills and understanding of how marketing evolves for a range of brands and sectors. As well, it will give you marketing agency experience.

    This combination makes you a highly desirable candidate, as being able to bridge an understanding of the client and agency sides is key to successful marketing.

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    Marketing Internships Sydney Services

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    Result Driven

    Result Driven

    Beyond just going through the process, we’re committed to supporting your interests and together, achieving measurable results.



    We work as an extension of our clients’ teams and systems. We immerse ourselves in the client and their brand. You’ll be a part of this.



    Data speaks volumes. We help you collect and interpret results that gives you transferable skills as you forge your marketing career.

    Beyond Marketing Internships

    We are a full-service marketing agency and our services are varied and important elements of our clients’ marketing strategy and execution.

    Website Design

    Website Design

    Looking for industry leading web design and development services? We’ll help with creating your conversion optimised eCommerce store or content website.

    Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media is essential for building a tribe of supporters and to communicate your company’s values. Ensure you have a strategy that’s easy to execute and report on.

    Conversion Optimisation

    Conversion Optimisation

    Whether you’re based out of Brisbane, Sydney or London, the key pitfall to successful digital growth is optimisation. We’ll increase conversion on your website.

    Media partners

    Renowned for our industry knowledge, expertise and commentary, we are delighted to partner with Australia’s largest and most well-respected news and industry publications.

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