Georgia Grech: How to Maintain Authenticity in Your Brand

Georgia Grech: How to Maintain Authenticity in Your Brand

Nicole Shelley

17 February 2022

For most of us, horse supplements and wellness products aren’t exactly our area of expertise. But for Marketing Manager Georgia Grech at Kohnke’s Own, it’s a life she has lived and breathed for years.

The family-owned Kohnke’s Own brand has delivered premium quality horse health care products for over 20 years. With the evolution of social media and digital marketing, Kohnke’s has maintained a back-to-basics style of the brand-consumer relationship.

When Georgia was working at Horseland during her university days, she was scouting out professional opportunities anytime she could.

It was during this time that she met Dr. Philippa Kohnke of Kohnke’s Own.

After “relentlessly emailing her, sorry Philippa,” Georgia started her work at Kohnke’s Own in a research and development role. She has been with Kohnke’s Own for nearly four years. She now works as their Social Media and Marketing Manager as well as a Nutritional Advisor.

Her ultimate goal was to work in a veterinarian company, or a specific equine health brand such as Kohnke’s Own. Georgia maintains that it’s very common in the equine industry to make connections and receive opportunities through word of mouth. This can, of course, be quite difficult. However, it seems that word of mouth and genuine connections with consumers has been the true success of Kohnke’s Own.

“We’ve got an honest approach and a hardworking team, and the Kohnke’s Own results will always speak for themselves.”

The secret to Kohnke’s Own’s success

Genuine networking at horse shows and meetups has been one of the brand’s biggest successes. “You could have the best packaging or website in the world, but there’s not always real substance inside.”

Georgia believes that having hands-on experience in her field is necessary for being as authentic and genuine as possible. “When customers find out you’ve ridden horses your whole life too, that helps establish trust.”

“Sometimes, the product that is marketed to the nth degree, has 50 sponsored riders and is on sale every other week isn’t necessarily the right one for you.”

That isn’t to say that digital marketing hasn’t played a huge role in the brand’s success as well. When Georgia transitioned to the Marketing Manager role at Kohnke’s Own, her approach was slightly different.

“I went through so many old magazines to get ideas on how to market products. I became very finicky with photography as well, because the visual aspect of social media has such an impact.”

The most valuable lesson

Georgia found that the most valuable lesson she learned was the simple act of putting yourself out there. In many cases, something as seemingly small as replying to Facebook comments is the key to customer loyalty.

“I’ve had ‘fans’ come up to me at horse shows saying that they knew me from the Kohnke’s Own Facebook page, which is pretty awesome!”

The marketing world can sometimes seem like an exclusive, disingenuous environment, especially in more niche trades. Georgia believes that there are still brands out there that deliver on their promises and maintain a sincere audience connection.

“It’s the same as training a horse. The right people will follow you if you stick to what your principles are and what you know is proven to work. You will end up being successful in the long run.”

Georgia’s final words of advice for any marketing teams, especially in niche industries; “let the results speak for themselves.

“I come from an industry that is very competitive and often exclusive, and the best way to overcome that is to believe in your product. Let that genuineness reflect in your work – because it will.”

It goes to show that putting yourself out there as a brand is often the best way to establish trust and build connections.

Sometimes, staying true to yourself can seem like a rare trait in the marketing world. But when we see brands like Kohnke’s Own thriving, it reminds us that oftentimes, it’s the key to success.