– How do you pick organic from sponsored – How do you pick organic from sponsored content – How to Pick Organic from Sponsored Content

We spoke with on how to navigate the minefield of organic vs sponsored Faceboook posts.


As in the non digital world it comes back to trust.

“Users should look to recommendations, reviews and opinions from people and sources they trust” advises our Managing Director and social media expert Ryan Shelley. “If you don’t know or trust the person posting the content, then take what they say with a grain of salt.”

As has recently been demonstrated by Oobah Butler a UK journalist who managed to trick Trip Advisor into ranking his backyard shed as London’s number one restaurant it is possible to falsely boost a business’s reviews and ratings.

On the whole, consumers are growing more savvy when it comes to seeing through false reviews but it can still be a minefield.

“For this exact reason, trust is a huge growth point and something we’re tipping will become extremely important for businesses and individuals.”


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