Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW

Australian Institute of Conveyancers NSW

It’s all about a community.

The Australian Institute of Conveyancers, New South Wales Division (AICNSW) is the principal professional organisation for the conveyancing community in NSW. The organisation provides information and support to its members through events, training and building a strong sense of community. All conveyancers in NSW are welcome to become members of AICNSW.

The Mission

Like many professional associations, AICNSW runs a lean team, dedicated to supporting the conveyancing profession across the state.

AICNSW approached pepperit to be their outsourced marketing team, spanning a range of marketing disciplines from print marketing to social media and website management. The focus is to position AICNSW as the leading organisation that propels the profession forward and brings together conveyancers as a community, despite geographical challenges.

Working with AICNSW is a labour of love for the pepper team as we have strong roots in professional services. This is a long-standing partnership, now over several years, that we have been delighted to grow. We are also delighted to work with Edmonds Conveyancing. Helping the team to branch out into online conveyancing and new regions like Conveyancing Newcastle and Coffs Harbour Conveyancer.

Our Approach

In the words of AICNSW, ‘become a member and join a community’. At pepper we love this as it reinforces the idea of finding your tribe, getting the support and guidance you need and building relationships.

It’s also an especially important rule in social media marketing. One of the foundational pieces of work pepper has done, and continues to do, for AICNSW is social media content creation and community management. The majority of this work revolves around their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts; however, Twitter and Instagram also have a role to play.

Social strategy is a core strength of the pepper team and through a thoroughly researched and honed understanding of the end customer, we have successfully worked to grow this niche community and the engagement within it.


Our strategy for AICNSW’s social media activity emphasises reach and engagement, over vanity metrics such as followers. How to achieve this? Put your audience at the centre of what you do. We continue to ensure our content and communication style is relevant to this group of industry experts. To expand on a limited membership base and to build commercial value, we shifted the target audience to incorporate industry stakeholders, government departments, suppliers, sponsors and partners.


Pivotal to our ongoing partnership with AICNSW, pepper ensures we continue to see growth in the social channels of importance. We’re always looking for ways to engage existing and new stakeholders in this content. Like finding fun ways to share latest trends and data, or legislation updates.

Likewise, designing, developing and delivering a website that would be used by members was an important stage in our partnership with AICNSW. A site where members could find key resources, professional development opportunities and key events needed to be delivered. It also had to have a search and content strategy that would assist in attracting non-members to join, as well as the general public looking for a trusted source of information on the conveyancing profession.

The site was delivered on time, and within budget, and continues to be a leader in professional association websites.


All marketing activity is monitored and reviewed monthly. Being so entwined in much of the marketing effort has allowed us to support the AICNSW team in providing contributions to their annual report to members, as well as designing it. And to complete the process, all these results and insights then give us the information we need to set strategy for the year to come.

Aside from the annual report, the AICNSW team also trust pepper with other print marketing efforts including their popular and anticipated bi-annual Convey Magazine. Filled with great articles on industry-related trends, legislative changes, professional development opportunities and key events, this magazine comes to life with pepper’s layout, design and editing touches.

The magazine also provides a great source of content marketing material, which is used in blogs and social media posts to reach the most number of people possible, and to also ensure these great pieces are used to their potential.


You will never have to convince us of the virtues of a strong brand and consistency in its use. The AICNSW team recognised there were some gaps in how the team were promoting their brand across all forms of communication including emails, presentations, social, website and in written form. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to tackle this project!

Our very clever graphic design team got hard to work on branded template designs, pulling brand assets together and providing everyone in the AICNSW team a consistent platform to share their information, updates and other communications.


It goes that if every client is different, so too are their audiences. This is the essence of what we love doing at pepper – finding the authenticity in the message and ensuring it’s received the right way. Understanding our audiences is at the heart of this so we’re always delighted to be invited to AICNSW events and conferences to meet and get to know members. And it’s even better when we have the opportunity to present to this fantastic group of people, as Ryan Shelley our Managing Director was invited to do at the AICNSW annual conference. What a pleasure to share some of our knowledge and pass on tips to the attendees.

Increase in Linkedin reach in past 12 months
Website position for Conveyancer ahead of all NSW Govt. depts
Convey Magazine Membership
The Upshot

AICNSW is a very valued partner of pepperit. We continue to love the challenge of creating new marketing communications in all their forms to reach our audience, without whom, the association would not exist.

It’s an all-in team approach from our perspective as throughout the year, we get to work on a range of projects and marketing strategies. Even smaller, niche audiences provide ample opportunity to be successful in social media activity. In fact, having such a skilled and knowledgeable group is ideal. Pepper has built one of the most highly engaged and relevant audiences in any industry with a 22% increase in Facebook engagement in the past 12 months. AICNSW engagement levels surpass that of larger associations that boast membership in the tens of thousands.

AICNSW’s website attracts both conveyancing professionals and the general public with 81.2% of website visitors new visitors each year.

Services Provided
  • Website design and development
  • Website hosting and support
  • Website maintenance
  • Social media content creation
  • Social media community management
  • Email marketing template design
  • Graphic design
  • Print marketing – two issues of Convey Magazine
  • Annual Report end-to-end production
  • Sponsor Kit development
  • Document design including Powerpoint templates
  • Keynote speaking
    Annual Awards consultation services
    Training and development