Bluestone OCM

Bluestone OCM

Building a marketing presence.

Bluestone OCM is an award-winning independent Melbourne based Owners Corporation Management (OCM) provider that works with developers throughout the construction phase and to establish owners corporations and provides ongoing services for owners corporations. With experience managing for complex and mixed-use properties, owners with interests in both commercial and residential buildings benefit from working with Bluestone.

The Mission

Offering a vast array of services from financial, marketing and operational perspectives, as well as providing access to key service providers, Bluestone OCM required a guide to support them in entering the world of digital marketing.

Bluestone operates in the highly competitive industry of strata management. Aside from a basic website, the team had not yet had the chance to launch any digital marketing efforts.

They needed strategic and tactical advice across website, blogging and social media activity. Enter pepperit.

Our Approach

All-inclusive was the name of the game for Bluestone. We needed to come up with a strategy that encompassed the key ways in which their clients engaged with them.

That Bluestone didn’t have an existing social media presence made it all the more interesting for our team as we quickly understood that a high proportion of their clients and potential clients were active social media users. Our broad social media strategy became evident early on. We were to promote Bluestone as the industry leader in their field and to position them as the prime go-to for all Melbourne strata related needs.

Pepper’s integrated company motto of authentic marketing very much rang true for this client as in a heavily compliance- and rule-based industry, we ensured our content was factual, community based and interesting.


When it came to the Bluestone website, pepper worked within the site’s existing theme to optimise several areas including:

  • improving poor speed times
  • adding blogging functionality
  • copywriting of essential pages
  • installing tools to assist with SEO execution

Wrapping up our services in optimising the website, we further built on Bluestone’s SEO strategy through the design and writing of a website landing page.

This was the perfect template for other identified keywords, allowing the Bluestone team to grow their site at their own pace and to generate qualified traffic for the website.

The Upshot

The result was even better than expected.

We delivered an optimised website that immediately started reaping the benefits of our optimisation.

The introduction of social media for Bluestone was also extremely successful.

Services Provided
  • Website redesign
  • Website hosting and support
  • Website SEO reviews
  • SEO copywriting and blog articles
  • Social media management
  • Social media training