Leblon Clinic

Leblon Clinic

A full body transformation.

Leblon Clinic is a high-end salon located in Adamstown, Newcastle. Led by General Practitioner Dr Bennett, Leblon Clinic providers their clients with treatments backed by medical research and science. 

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Leblon Clinic got its name from Dr Bennet’s favourite beach, Leblon Beach in Brazil. Sophisticated, exclusive, and stunning. It was about time that Leblon Clinic lived up to its namesake.

And that’s where we came in. On the cusp of an exciting move to a new location and an exclusive deal with SkinCeuticals, Leblon Clinic approached pepperit with the mission to upscale their price driven discount salon into one of high-end exclusivity. Bringing a salon into an entirely different echelon of quality and targeting a brand-new customer market would require a full body transformation – inside and out.

leblon clinic

The initial approach from Leblon was simply for pepper to manage their social media. However, after meeting the Salon manager and chatting through their business objectives, we knew that organic social media alone would not achieve the desired results.

We walked through with Leblon a marketing strategy that entailed gaining new customers who were less price sensitive and interested in luxury, high-end skin treatments, while also encouraging past customers to return to the clinic. In turn, our scope of work expanded into a complete rebrand, new website, organic and paid social, email marketing, influencer marketing, print marketing collateral and Google ad words.

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At Leblon Clinic, the client is at the heart of everything. Each client receives a bespoke, individualised treatment. And we made sure to reciprocate that in our marketing. Starting from scratch with their branding could have been a challenge, but we saw it as an opportunity for a brand rebirth to build up a solid base for the rest of our marketing.

First up was devising a new brand identity – because authentic beauty starts from within! We started with brand identity concepts and built out a colour palette reminiscent of the sandy white beaches of Leblon and the different tones of skin. After several iterations of the logo, we settled on the one that best conveyed that sophistication we were after – clean lines with a luxe finish.

With our new brand makeover complete, it was time to take social media, email marketing, and paid ads up a notch. The key focus was to attract their specific target demographic, while still pushing out content that would be attractive to all. Because what is a beauty clinic without an aesthetically pleasing social feed?

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And more importantly, we wanted to push Leblon Clinic as being both exclusive and, as expressed in their tagline, “for the beauty in everyone”.

Leblon Clinic is the only stockist of SkinCeuticals from Newcastle to Ballina. Promoting this was a tick to the exclusivity element, and we brought in an influencer marketing program to help complete the vision. By engaging a diverse range of influencers on social media as ambassadors for Leblon, we helped put faces to the brand in an exciting, relatable way.

Our email marketing strategy was closely aligned with socials – focusing on promoting Leblon’s exclusive treatments and approach. And paid ads were employed to bring everything together.

The website was the final puzzle piece needed to bring the vision to life. We’ve focused on moving the website from WIX to WordPress for functionality, design, and SEO benefits. In doing so, we’ve also added eCommerce functionality for online purchases of skincare products and online booking.

Above all, we wanted to make sure that the brand we had worked to co-create, would shine through at every level.

Treatments should be comprehensive and rejuvenating. We made sure of it.

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Let’s talk results. Who doesn’t love good before and after photos!

Before. When we commenced working with Leblon Clinic, they were averaging 1 booking per day.

After. Leblon Clinic now averages well over $1000 in treatments each day, as well as generating substantial income with post treatment product sales. This success could not have been achieved without all marketing efforts working in total harmony.

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Oh, and also:

  • Google Ads average of $0.94 per click Industry average $2.62
  • Google Ads click through rate 6.08% Industry average 3.27%
  • Email Marketing open rates of 26% 3% higher than industry average

Alongside that, we were able to achieve a 900% increase in revenue for Leblon. Yes, you read that right! We’ve also tracked a 96% increase in new website visitors and 151% increase in website visits. And that was before we even set the brand-new website to live!

And we’re not done yet. Skincare and beauty, it’s an ongoing process.

leblon clinic
  • Google ads
  • Organic social
  • Paid social ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media competitions
  • Email marketing
  • Logo design and Brand identity
  • Website design and development
  • Stockist stakeholder management