Legal recruitment gets a facelift.

Montgomery Advisory is an independent global legal search and recruitment company, with offices in Sydney and London. Providing a consultative approach to lawyers and businesses around the world, Montgomery is renowned for its highly consultative approach and extensive market knowledge.

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The Mission

Growing a startup into a well-respected and influential organisation is no easy feat. Yet, one element of the company’s public-facing branding that had not received a great deal of love was their website.

To meet the expectations of the varying stakeholders in their business, the team had to build a new, contemporary, professional and integrated website. The Montgomery team approached pepperit to design and build this website to elevate the brand and truly support the business’s key messaging that they:

  • Provide lawyers with access to the best opportunities in the market
  • Ensure the job search is as stress-free as possible
  • Maintain market-leading client relationships
  • Access the best and brightest minds
  • Have proficient and up to date consultants
  • Offer regularly updated salary information and market intel

It also had to ooze the personable and down to earth approach of the company.

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Our Approach

Let’s start with the values that Montgomery represent: honesty, integrity and transparency. This rings so true for the pepper team as we live by our brand line authentic marketing. We love working with other businesses and brands that stick to who they are and shout it from the rooftops!

A website development project has many moving parts. The process involves having the client identify (in different ways) what they want. Sometimes the challenge with these types of projects is that a client may not know what they want, or that defining it becomes difficult. This takes our superstar designers and developers to involve themselves early, helping the client highlight what types of sites they like (and why!) and conversely, what they don’t like. With functionality and aesthetics defined, it’s a much easier job to design what the customer journey would look like and how it would behave.

How we displayed content was important to the success of the project. The platform had to present the best job opportunities, including detailed job descriptions, salary guides, firm benefits and new innovations, unrivalled partner knowledge, and most importantly, an extensive understanding of every firm’s culture. To meet the expectation that the Montgomery team is at the forefront of market research, the site also had to exude professionalism and a sense of strong trust. The design process considered these aspects carefully.

To access the best and brightest, your business’s digital first impression must offer a certain level of reliability and thought leadership. We implemented client testimonials and access to a raft of key reading material.

One of the most important parts of this project, however, was the integration of an API for JobAdder, a global recruitment platform. It gave Montgomery an efficient method for reaching candidates and managing the process. It also ensures the ongoing wide casting of the proverbial net, to maximise reach.


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To deliver the authenticity that Montgomery was looking for, we also arranged our preferred professional photographer to work with the team and create their own suite of purpose-made images to use across web and any other collateral.

Circling back to the main offerings of the Montgomery team, they provide updated research on salary expectations throughout the industry. Pepper designed a Salary Guide that was the first of its kind for the company. It provided the elevated sense of professionalism and trustworthiness that they were looking to portray. The salary guide continues to be an important element of the team’s content marketing strategy and connection with clients.

Montgomery mock up
Montgomery mock up
The Upshot

Everyone learned a little something on this project. The Montgomery team were delighted with the delivery of such a brand new, integrated and well-functioning site. At the end of the day, if it looks good and continues to connect excellent candidates with key clients, it’s certainly doing its job.

The pepper team learned about how to best guide a client through a process like this. Identifying websites you like is one part, but understanding who your audience is and what they would best engage with is entirely another. Starting with that audience understanding and staying true to your brand is paramount.

Also when delivering the final product, it’s important to allow a decent period of training and handover. Part of our service is to provide training and support to support a client in being able to maintain the website in-house (if that’s the goal!). It’s always such a satisfying moment when we can do that.

Services Provided
  • Website design and development
  • Liaising with existing technology providers
  • Lead generation Salary Guide
  • Graphic design
  • Custom API integration