Traffic. It’s hard to avoid, but easy to find.

+U is a Sydney co-working space with a difference. It’s a co-working space where you actually feel productive and can get work done! Mingle in the breakout spaces and kitchen or close your office door for deep work. The office space is home to a mix of established businesses and start-ups.

Set over 7 diverse levels of office spaces, this heritage building in and the +U team have re-imagined the collaborative work experience.


+U approached pepperit and asked us to come and take in the +U experience. The pepper team spent several days and visits working from the space in Haymarket to ensure we understand their ethos and value proposition. For this project, our task was to highlight their innovative working spaces and the flexibility that their community enjoyed by being a member of +U.

After a number of visits and days working in the space, we knew we had something special on our hands. What business isn’t looking for intelligent, inspired spaces that help facilitate authentic connections. You could say this project was right up our alley.


For this campaign we were working across 3 different mediums. Two billboard locations, a review of their website to improve user experience functionality and social media campaign that linked in with the out of home advertising.

We focused on building awareness and getting the buzz out about just how innovative and unique +U’s spaces were. And there’s nothing that says busy and buzzing more than a billboard.

After testing several tongue-in-cheek designs for the billboards, we went with a fun play on words that got straight to the point “our offices are better”.

The locations in Woolloomooloo and Rushcutters Bay were selected for their high traffic volumes and ability to reach drivers heading to work in the eastern suburbs and driving from the north side into the city – two key demographics for the campaign.


There’s nothing like seeing your hard work blown up on a big billboard for all to see.

This campaign period straddled the lockdown period of 2021.

With more time being spent of social media during lockdown online traffic became the driving force of this campaign. While many may think the office was the last thing on everyone’s mind. For many business owners, planning their office accommodation post lockdown was a strategic business move. In the modern business world, business need fewer square metres than years gone by. Yet, still require privacy, confidentiality and security. Add in the new key criteria, businesses are insistent on flexible, scalable spaces. This placed +U at the forefront.

With lockdown 2.0 in full swing, now more than ever people needed a laugh, and doubled our efforts on pushing out fun creative, cheeky copy, and compelling stories to all of +U’s social platforms. We couldn’t welcome people to the office, so we created that welcoming space on +U’s social feed through relatable and refreshing content.

This online traffic effort was tied together with our website review – honing in on the details to ensure +U’s value proposition, company values, and personality shone through with clarity and visual appeal at every level (literally, all 7 of them).


This campaign is another reminder why when it comes to marketing we’ll never put all our eggs in one basket (aka marketing budget into just one medium or platform. A balanced approach is always best).

  • Billboard design
  • Art Direction
  • Organic social media management
  • UX website design and development