Pepper turns 10

Pepper turns 10

Nicole Shelley

3 September 2020

Do you remember how you celebrated your 10th birthday? No matter what you did, hopefully it involved a cake and some balloons, perhaps even a sneaky glass of bubbles for the adults?

Today, pepperit turns 10. And frankly, we’re as excited to celebrate it as a 10-year-old would be.

10 years ago, it was 2010. Apple launched the first iPad and its iPhone 4, SpaceX launched its Dragon capsule and Ryan Shelley launched his company, Pepper IT.

This has been 10 years of evolving from a technology company (Pepper IT) that developed financial software for NASDAQ, to an integrated, full-service marketing agency (pepperit – read ‘it’, no longer IT). It’s a subtle change we recently made to our name, but a full-blown rebrand that positions the agency as a connected, respected and proficient team.

We are 90+ years of experienced marketers, designers and developers and we now reflect this experience in a grown-up way.

We threw our own little party today and got to chatting about what 2010 was for each of us. For some, we were cutting our teeth in new careers or honing our craft, with a few years under our belts. Others were still in school, completely unaware of where their studies would take them.

We also enjoyed the quick trip down memory lane, discovering 2010 was the year Lady Gaga wore that meat dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland caused enormous disruption to air travel (sound familiar?) and Old Spice reinvigorated its brand with the new Old Spice Man and its ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ commercial that had every marketer talking.

We’ve enjoyed the fast-paced evolution of the digital marketing landscape and working with clients to support them as they adapt.

As we near our teenage years, who knows what the next decade has in store for pepperit, or the marketing world. One thing we are confident of, however, is that we look forward to the continued long-term relationships we proudly have with our clients and the breadth of work we get to do with them.

It really is such a joy and we are so thankful to those who have supported us along the way.