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Looking for a Sales and Marketing Manager? For less than the cost of an employee, our team will be your Sales and Marketing Manager. Leverage our combined 90+ years to drive measurable results.

Is it time to find more time in your day and outsource this role?

    For less than the cost of an employee, let our entire team become your sales and marketing manager.

    What makes a successful sales and marketing manager?

    You’re looking for someone with 10+ years’ experience. You need them to be creative in design and copy, with the ability to take campaigns from concept through to a final sale.

    You need them to be analytical, so they can sniff out opportunities in the market and report on success. Lastly, you need them to be able to work with a team of creatives, marketing specialists and management to achieve business goals.

    That sounds hard to find!

    It is. Recruiting a single individual with these skills is challenging. Agile Companies and Organisations are succeeding by outsourcing their sales and marketing manager requirements. Even if it’s just a temporary solution while the search continues for that perfect individual

    At pepper, our sales and marketing managers have experience working with ASX listed Companies, Professional Service firms, Associations, Government Owned Corporations, Tourism businesses, wholesalers, retailers, not-for-profits and SME’s.

    How is pepper different?

    We understand and have unrivalled experience with professions including law, finance, accounting and real estate.

    We deliver strategies and plans that can be executed by your in-house team and third-party specialists. Then, our sales and marketing managers aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty with the help of the rest of our skilled team.

    The result for your business is a sales and marketing manager that has proven experience, is able to start immediately and costs less than hiring an in-house team member.

    We’d love to share with you the success stories of how we’ve delivered results for our clients. Speak with us today about how we can help you with your sales and marketing manager needs.

    Sales and Marketing Manager Services

    Ready for immediate start, for less than the cost of an employee.

    Result Driven

    Result Driven

    Beyond just going through the process, we’re committed to supporting your interests and together, achieving measurable results.



    We work as an extension of our clients’ teams and systems. We immerse ourselves in the client and their brand. You’ll be a part of this.



    Data speaks volumes. We help you collect and interpret results that gives you transferable skills as you forge your marketing career.

    Beyond Sales and Marketing Manager Services

    We are a full-service marketing agency and our services are varied and important elements of our clients’ marketing strategy and execution.

    Website Design

    Website Design

    Looking for industry leading web design and development services? We’ll help with creating your conversion optimised eCommerce store or content website.

    Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media is essential for building a tribe of supporters and to communicate your company’s values. Ensure you have a strategy that’s easy to execute and report on.

    Conversion Optimisation

    Conversion Optimisation

    Whether you’re based out of Sydney, London or Timbuktu, the key pitfall to successful digital growth is optimisation. We’ll increase conversion on your website.

    Media partners

    Renowned for our industry knowledge, expertise and commentary, we are delighted to partner with Australia’s largest and most well-respected news and industry publications.

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