Selecting photography, you won’t regret later

Selecting photography, you won’t regret later

Nicole Shelley

18 September 2020

Keeping on top of design trends and applying them to your brand is no light task. How a business communicates visually to its audience is more important than ever and can make or break a business.

Let’s investigate some innovative visual trends.

Genuine Authenticity

A few years ago, bright, bold and colourful stock images became extremely popular. Designers were cranking up the saturation or boosting colours, and the photos didn’t even look real.

In 2020, expect to see a lot more genuine and neutral stock photos being used. Muted colour palettes make graphics seem more natural and authentic.Your customers are reasonably media-savvy and have a natural tendency to spot an overly fake or deeply colour-saturated image.

People also respond well to authenticity and the uniqueness that comes from being genuine and candid.Could your graphic design use an injection of realism?

Anti-Fake Effects

Everything around us – advertising, posters, magazine covers, and TV promos – has been Photoshopped to perfection. It’s created a certain feeling of fakeness and unrealness in a world we know is imperfect.

As a revolt against this fakeness, we’ll be exposed to more real, organic, less-than-perfect images.

Most designers would use the term “glitch”, but sometimes it’s called a VHS effect, RGB shift, misprint or visual interference.

Approach with caution! This design trend is a subversive, counterculture movement mostly suited to younger audiences and may not be appropriate for most brands.

You also need to give a genuine sense of what your business is about and why they should choose you.


Doodling started as a fun trend in the world of illustration but quickly became such a hit that we see it on designs all over the web.

When used in graphic design, doodling helps to achieve a more informal, personalised, handcrafted, and overall fun feeling. Designers have been combining real-life photos with simple illustrations replacing parts of the photo or interacting with the photo. This innovative trend is definitely one we will be seeing more of, as it opens huge creativity and opportunities to create a unique seeing more of, as it opens huge creativity and opportunities to create a unique brand piece.

Because photographs look so much like reality, it is easy to disregard the complex mechanical and scientific processes which combine to create the photograph.