SEO Canberra

SEO Canberra

We love data at pepper. We love it, because from the rawness comes a beautiful intelligence that guides business decisions.

Recently, we were elbow deep in SEO data for our Nation’s Capital, Canberra. Being a generous bunch, we thought we would share these SEO Canberra insights with you. So let’s take a look

SEO Canberra – The SEO state of the Capital

To start with, let’s put the capital cities up against one another. Based on monthly search volumes from within Australia, the keyword “Melbourne” wins the popularity contest with 194,000 searches each month.

SEO Canberra 1


What does the rest of the world think about Canberra?

But which Australian capital interests the entire world the most? “Melbourne” beat “Sydney” by a nose with 714,000 monthly searches VS Sydney’s 645,000.

While “Darwin” was of little interest to Australians, it was of significant Interest, to the rest of the world with it coming in third to “Sydney”. We’ll dig a bit deeper on this international interest in Darwin at another time.

SEO Canberra 2


SEO Canberra keywords and search volume

Are there specific keywords of interest relating to Canberra? Here’s a snapshot of the 20 top keywords:

Keyword Monthly Search Volume (AU)
canberra weather          281,000
canberra times          207,000
weather canberra            73,000
canberra            72,000 ‘
canberra raiders            57,000
bom canberra            36,000
tv guide canberra            32,000
canberra personals            31,000
gumtree canberra            28,000
dendy canberra            24,000
university of canberra            22,000
canberra weather radar            22,000
the canberra times            21,000
canberra tv guide            18,000
access canberra            18,000
ikea canberra            18,000
escort canberra            16,000
transport canberra            14,000
canberra airport            12,000
canberra escorts            12,000


Categorising SEO Canberra keywords

There are a few similar terms, so we went one step further and categorised each keyword in the list of top 100 keywords. We’ll be looking to re-visit this and categorise even more keywords, but we’d expect the general trend to continue as search volumes start to trail off significantly.

SEO Canberra 3

Opportunities with SEO Canberra

The data is all well and good, but what opportunities does this show us?

We start by looking at search volume. There’s no point looking to take advantage of SEO with a keyword with no volume.

Next, we look at difficulty. The trick is to find keywords that have significant volume and low difficulty.

To combine this, we simply take our data and divide the keyword volume by the keyword difficulty to get a volume /difficulty ratio. Simply put, whichever keyword has the highest volume/difficulty ratio, is something that could rank with only modest effort.

Lastly, you need to manually eyeball the list. For example, “Costco Canberra” has a good volume/difficulty ratio, but it is a very specific search, with someone looking specifically for “Costco”.

With all that in mind, consider the following list our top picks for Canberra related keywords that will offer you the most SEO Canberra opportunity:

Keyword Difficulty  Volume Vol / Diff
melbourne to canberra 0  5,100  5,100
airbnb canberra 0  4,800  4,800
canberra to sydney 0  3,700  3,700
sydney to canberra 2  6,000  3,000
flights to canberra 1  2,800  2,800
whats on in canberra 2  5,300  2,650
canberra bridge club 0  2,400  2,400
canberra to melbourne flights 0  2,300  2,300
melbourne to canberra flights 0  2,200  2,200
rent canberra 1  2,200  2,200
flights canberra to melbourne 0  2,100  2,100
things to do in canberra 5  10,000  2,000
rentals canberra 1  2,000  2,000
what’s on in canberra 1  1,900  1,900
canberra rentals 1  1,900  1,900
brisbane to canberra flights 0  1,900  1,900
canberra marathon 1  1,800  1,800
air bnb canberra 0  1,700  1,700
car sales canberra 0  1,600  1,600
part time jobs canberra 0  1,400  1,400
canberra to brisbane flights 0  1,400  1,400
whats on in canberra this weekend 1  1,400  1,400
canberra to sydney bus 1  1,400  1,400
canberra accommodation 6  8,100  1,350

note: where difficulty = 0, we have divided by 1 to avoid divide by 0 error.

Wrapping up

It turns out Canberra’s not just all about Parliament House, Questacon, Floriade and Fyshwick.

Our hope is that if you have a curiosity in SEO, especially relevant to Canberra, these little tidbits will give you some ideas to explore further.

If you do have any specific questions or would like a similar analysis done for another city, town or area of interest, just give us a shout and we’d love to lend a hand.

If you’re curious, we used Google and ahrefs as to collect our data.

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