Cloud Services

The cloud is being likened to paying a power company for electricity. Sure, you could buy your own generator, and get your hands dirty while you make sure it’s got enough fuel and it’s maintained. Or you could just ring a power company and get the electricity connected.

Similarly, you can buy, run and maintain your own mail servers, storage servers, firewalls, routers and everything in between… Or you can speak to Pepper IT and we’ll show you a much simpler and cost effective way to achieve an even better result!

Some business owners can be reluctant to ‘lose control’ of their data. Rest assured, your data remains your data. Secondly, it’s much more secure in a purpose built data centre with redundant power and internet connectivity, atmospheric control, security access and fail over systems. Your data is many times safer and more secure in that environment than on that dusty old server sitting under the receptionists desk.

With functionality and cost benefits to be had, Get in touch and lets have a chat.

What we typically, but are by no means limited too providing:

Data In The Cloud

We’ll explain and implement a cloud storage solution for your business. This will provide:
– Backup: As your data is stored in the cloud and on multiple local devices.
– Accessibility: Your data is now accessible from any device that has an internet connection
– Collaboration: Work on documents and share changes with colleagues, clients or friends and family. No longer will you be relying on emailing attachments or walking around with USB sticks.

Pepper IT uses and recommends SugarSync. Compared to it’s competitors: SugarSync is able offer greater flexibility, reliability and cost benefits. As an Authorised Partner of SugarSync, we are typically able to provide pricing lower than the RRP.

Email In The Cloud

More than just email, this encompasses your calendar, contacts and tasks. Enjoy the benefits of all your email, calendar and contact data available on all your devices from your desktop to your phone.

– Meet someone at a networking event? Enter their business card details into your phone while your in a cab back to the office. Instantly, that new contacts details will be available on your phone, desktop, laptop and even webmail.
– Need to plan a meeting with colleagues or even family members? You have the ability to view and even edit colleagues and family members calendars.

Pepper IT uses and recommends Google Apps for Business to achieve this and so much more!